“Keep It Clean” Jigging Spoon Drives Home Worthwhile Message

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 Dec 2nd, 2022 by sworrall 

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To help elevate awareness about the Keep It Clean campaign, Tom’s Tackle, a small Minnesota company, has created a special version of their most popular jigging spoon, the Stop Sign. Available at retailers throughout northern Minnesota and online at tomstackleinc.com, the Stop Sign lure in the new Keep It Clean color sells for $5.99 and 20 percent of the profits will go to support the Keep It Clean campaign.

“We are excited that Tom’s Tackle has created a version of this proven walleye slaying lure to drive awareness about and support the Keep It Clean campaign, which focuses on encouraging anglers and other winter visitors to our lakes and rivers to remove all of their garbage and waste from the ice and to properly dispose of it,” says Joe Henry, Executive Director, Lake of the Woods Tourism Bureau and one of the founders of Keep It Clean.

The lure’s developers believe the Keep It Clean jigging spoon will be a hit for several reasons. The base of the lure is gold and glow white, a perfect color for a variety of lakes as well as night fishing. The Keep It Clean logo, which is featured on top of the glow, is green, yellow and blue, mimicking the colors of both perch and small bluegills, a natural forage for walleyes, pike and other game fish across the ice belt.

“Todd and Sharon May — the owners of Tom’s Tackle — wanted to do their part to help keep our lakes and rivers clean and healthy,” says Henry. “We are grateful for their partnership! It takes all of us working together to address the growing problem of garbage and waste on the ice and to bring about meaningful change.”

The Keep it Clean campaign started at Lake of the Woods. More recently, Upper and Lower Red Lake, Mille Lacs Lake, Lake Vermilion and the Fairmont Chain of Lakes came on board. As news about  organizations representing bodies of water across the ice belt joining Keep It Clean spreads, other lakes seeking well thought out solutions in reducing garbage and waste on the ice are joining Keep It Clean.
For more information on how to join Keep It Clean for your area or body of water, contact Joe Henry at [email protected] or check out KeepItCleanMN.org.
To order the new Keep It Clean lure, go to   https://tomstackleinc.com/product/stop-signs/

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