Vexan Rods Go Ice Cold!

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 Jan 5th, 2017 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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TI Introduces new Vexan Ice Rods

Tackle Industries, a leading muskie rod manufacturer, has been building extreme high quality into affordable Northern Pike and Musky rods for more than a decade. TI’s super-secret Titan technology build acquires brutal strength from the rod tip through the entire blank yet results in a nimble, easy to handle light weight rod. TI believes so strongly in the Titan Tech build they offer a lifetime warranty on all TI rods.

Based in Iowa in the very heart of the upper Midwest, it was a natural transition for TI to begin building top quality Walleye and Bass rods, offering the same incredible quality, warranty, selection, and value as TI. The Vexan Rods brand was born, grabbing the immediate attention of Southern bass anglers and walleye anglers across the North.

But Winters in this neck of the woods are long and very cold, and bass, muskie, walleye, and panfish anglers don’t just ‘cabin up’ and watch reruns on TV when the ice forms, they fire up their ice fishing machines and head out to the shack. Overwhelming requests from the ice angling community brought the folks at Vexan Rods to an obvious conclusion: Vexan Ice needed to  become a reality.

The all new Vexan Ice Series of eight rods with species and technique specific actions and lengths will exceed your expectations no matter what species you are pursuing on the hard water.

Vexan Ice proprietary blanks offer responsive actions specifically designed for the techniques, lines, and lures any ice angler needs to ice more and bigger fish. From panfish to pike, bull gills to slab crappies, perch to walleyes, pike or Lake Superior trout, there’s a Vexan Ice Series rod designed specifically for you.

Vexan Ice Features:

* Solid glass or 100% carbon blanks
* Actions and lengths to exceed your needs
* Tape on reel matching so you may position the reel how YOU like it to feel
* Stainless steel icing resistant 316SS guides
* X-wrap Handles in the perfect lengths from 5″ to 8″

Vexan Ice Series rod’s high visibility tips indicate the lightest strike, yet the Vexan proprietary blank offers extreme sensitivity, a solid hook set, and great backbone for icing even the largest fish.

Hook yourself up with a full set Vexan ICE rods today. See the Vexan line-up here!

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