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 Jan 29th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Jan 29th, 2022 at 8:04 AM

Snow and slush conditions on many lakes in North Dakota and western Minnesota have been getting tough but there is some good news… we have some good late ice fishing to look forward to. When we have a good winter, we have better ice going into March and April. We have been busy and dropped a few new videos this week. We are tentatively planning on filming in Wisconsin next week and have been poking around on Devils Lake this week. The perch on Devils Lake have been in a bit of a funk lately and we’ve been finding most of the fish deep. Walleyes have been more consistent back home, and we are still finding some aggressive fish in less than ten feet of water especially at sunset.

Our latest video shares a lot of info on how to catch big bluegill right now with tips and adjustments for catching lockjaw bluegill. We share tips on downsizing line and which jigs to use when the bite gets tough. This time of year, our strategy often revolves around focusing on sunset feeding windows, dropping down to one- or two-pound test with either a sensitive glass tip rod or a spring bobber, and using either a tiny size 12- or 14-mm Tungsten jig or small vertical teardrop profile jig. We also find that we often must use a crushed wax worm or two versus soft plastics for finicky bluegill. Crushing the wax worm is important to get more scent in the water and give the presentation a more delicate “flopping” action.

The latest blog with accompanying video highlights some of our favorite fly-in fishing camps in Manitoba. Now that we are able to cross the border again, we are looking forward to a lake trout trip and of course Lake Winnipeg walleye, but we also hope to get back to some of the northern camps this summer and fall. Besides offering some perspectives on some of the most impressive fly-in camps we have ever seen, we also offer some information on new border crossing procedures.


This weekend on Jason Mitchell Outdoors Television, we showcase one of the best smallmouth bass fisheries I have ever seen… Door County, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. We target pre-spawn smallmouths with guide Brett Alexander and offer a lot of pertinent info for how to target these fish before the fish go on the beds. Brett does an excellent job on how to break down water and choose productive locations as well as just a lot of seasoned info that took Brett decades to learn. We lost count of the number of fish we caught. The program was simply looking for warmer water on shallow sand flats that had some scattered rock and bomb casting jerk baits.
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