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 Jan 29th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Have you ever heard of the Angry Walleye Ice Bar? Justin and Tanya Ferguson, owners of Cyrus Resort located on the south shore of Lake of the Woods had an idea. They certainly knew about the success the Igloo Bar had and still receives. The novelty of a bar out on Lake of the Woods is something that gets the attention of many. Having a resort and ice road themselves, they asked themselves one day, “why don’t we have a bar on the ice for our ice road?” January 11th was the soft opening of the Angry Walleye located about a half mile off of the south shore on Lake of the Woods!

“People ask me how to get there when they are headed out at night,” mentions Justin Ferguson. “I told them, when you round the corner on our ice road in the bay, you can’t miss it with all of the lights. You can actually see it from shore. We have that thing lit up like a Christmas Tree.”

The Angry Walleye is a 16×29 foot bar with electric lights, big screen TV, bar that includes most choices of toddies a person could desire, six flavors of barley pop and of course, pop and water as well. It also features Cyrus’s homemade pizzas, a hit on a cold night inside a festive bar out on the ice of Lake of the Woods.

Ferguson said those who are not staying at Cyrus Resort are welcome to frequent the bar. Ice access is at Cyrus Resort and for those using the bar is complimentary.

“The success of the Igloo Bar is really what drove this idea,” explains Ferguson. “Our neighbors down the lake have done a nice job and we kind of looked at this and said why not us. It wasn’t easy. We had to get a number of permits, have it inspected, etc, but now it is open and folks are really enjoying it.”

The bar is big enough it had to be pulled out by a large groomer with tracks. Although the bar is capable of ice fishing, to start out, they don’t have any ice fishing taking place in the bar. Folks don’t seem to mind. “We get a pretty good rush of ice anglers who have been out fishing for the day and want to swing in before they drive off the ice for a drink and some fresh homemade pizza,” explained Justin.

The Angry Walleye is open Monday – Friday from 2pm – 10pm. On weekends, the bar is open Noon – 10pm.

Ferguson mentioned the big screen TV is certainly a hit. They broadcast everything from different sporting events to the outdoors, and sometimes even some good music videos depending upon what is on and what kind of crowd is in the bar.

Having a bar on the ice is certainly a novelty and allows guests one more way to enjoy this unique ice fishing mecca up at Lake of the Woods. It is almost like a celebration of ice fishing. Imagine the conversations taking place after fishing all day. How did you guys do fishing, where ya from or any big ones are certainly all pertinent conversation starters in the Angry Walleye or any tavern around the lake.

The Angry Walleye is located just off shore in the Bostic Bay area, which is about three miles west of the Rainy River and Wheeler’s Point area. As a reference, the Igloo Bar and Angry Walleye are about five miles apart on the ice as the crow flies.

Certainly, most come to Lake of the Woods for the ice fishing or in some cases snowmobiling. While in the area, if your soul compels you to have a cold one in a beautiful, warm and friendly bar out on the ice, maybe the Angry Walleye will make your list.

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