Women On Ice at Lake of the Woods

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 Jan 7th, 2015 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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When you think of ice fishing and more specifically, the anglers who take part in it, who do you think of? 

If I told you there is a group of professionals in the fishing industry coming to the NW Angle of Lake of the Woods to ice fish, write stories, create videos and take photography that is top shelf, who would you think of? 

This week, a group of six ladies lead by Clam Ice Fishing Pro Barb Carey will be ice fishing The Walleye Capital of the World.  They will be bringing together professional media, using the latest in ice fishing gear and making memories along the way.

“As little as 10 years ago, you rarely saw women on the Ice. Now, there are women who love to ice fish, and have found a passion they can share with their friends and family,” explain Barb Carey, event organizer and accomplished ice angler.  “Our mission is to let everyone know there is a large group of women ice anglers, they are connecting with each other and are experiencing ice fishing adventures all over the ice belt. Women now have a peer group, who they can share information with, and find other like minded souls to fish with. Women can, and do ice fish, and often on their own. Sorry fellas, the secret is out!”

Carey and 5 other female anglers will be hitting the ice over the weekend out of Sunset Lodge in the NW Angle of Minnesota’s Lake of the Woods.  Fishing the most northern point of the continental United States simply adds to the allure of the adventure.  This group of ladies will experience some of the best ice fishing in North America which includes walleyes, sauger, crappies, jumbo perch, pike, tulibees, and eelpout.

If you are a lady ice angler and are interested in participating, Carey is planning another ladies trip next year to ice fish Lake of the Woods.  For more information, contact Lake of the Woods Tourism for details.

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