Three Questions: Adrian Avena

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 Sep 25th, 2017 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Fall is upon us, though it’s toasty throughout much of the bassin’ world. So as the seasons change and the tournament year is ending,  BassFIRST is kick starting the most frightening, ground breaking, nerve racking, mentally intimidating interview format of Three Questions from BassFIRST.
The first fisherman this fall to take on the intimidating challenge of answering Three Questions is “Jersey Boy” Adrian Avena. This Berkley pro made a valiant run at a Bassmaster Classic berth at the season-ending Bassmaster Classic Bracket event, eventually falling short of his quest. So, instead of licking his wounds, Adrian takes on his toughest challenge to date. Three Questions from BassFIRST!!! Read on and see how he came out of this ordeal.

Berkley pro Adrian Avena. (Joel Shangle/BassFIRST)
DL – Do you prefer campgrounds or hotels when you are traveling for the Bassmaster Elite Series?
AA – I’d pick campgrounds. My family has a mobile home and when we take that my parents will usually come along on the trip. That way, it’s a home away from home. 
With hotels, you just sort of check in and check out. Never really getting comfortable. Plus, at the hotels, we’re not always staying at the Hampton Inns. I’m on a budget, so I look for the most inexpensive hotel. I travel with my girlfriend. I just come back to get electric for the boat, a shower, and sleep. I never experience what is going on there. Some of the places can get sketchy.
DL – Do you like date movies or Marvel Studios (The Avengers, Iron Man) films?
AA – Probably date movies. I don’t personally love drama, but I find the reality show drama funny as heck. The date movies are really similar. Not sure if they are all supposed to be funny, but I find them to be. The comedy and drama is pure stupidity. It’s great fun.
DL – Would you rather drink soda or beer?
AA – I prefer soda. During a long drive, late at night, I can open a Mountain Dew and drink it down. It tastes good and will get me through the drive. If I cracked open a beer, I think I’d get pulled over.
Seriously, I’ll drink beer, but there are more times that I’d rather have a soda. Plus, Mountain Dew can help you revive a bleeding fish. Just pour that cold Mountain Dew onto the bleeding. It works.

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