Three Must Haves: Aaron Martens

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 Jan 18th, 2016 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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So, there’s this fit fella with many nicknames, A-Mart, Spin, just to name a couple. He’s Aaron Martens. Possibly the most formidable angler currently fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series. Martens is the reigning Angler of the Year (AOY) on the Elite Series.

During the 2015 competitive season, he also won two Elite Series events. Not too shabby.

So, what does this bass busting juggernaut need when he is on the road competing for glory, big bucks, and titles? Well, read on and find out the Three Must Haves for Aaron Martens.

Nutritious food.

Good grub helped Martens bag this beast from the Sacramento River (Joel Shangle/BassFIRST)

“There is no way I’d perform the way I do without eating properly,” said Martens. “I’ll take an extra hour out of my day looking for nutritious food to buy or prepare.

“It is one of the keys to surviving on the Elite Series, and being able to have peak performance. I burn through thousands of calories every day while competing, with days on big bodies of water like Lake Erie, making 160-mile runs through five-foot waves. Your body takes a beating, and burns thousands of calories. It’s so mentally and physically draining.

“Proper nutrition gives me the fuel I need to properly perform as an athlete.”

Running shoes.

“I run a lot,” said Martens. “It is no secret in our business that I run. I love it. Keeps me very fit. Clears my mind. I’d be devastated if I didn’t have my running shoes with me. I have several pairs; all for different circumstances.”


“I absolutely need my Humminbird,” said Martens. “I was always good at using GPS, triangulation, reading maps, etc. Now add all that with the Humminbird Side Scan technology and I can cover so much more water. I bet I cover up to 10 times more water more efficiently.

“My Humminbird units are my eyes under the water. It is so much easier to find bait, to learn a body of water, to see fish and cover. I’d be at a disadvantage without it.”

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