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 May 29th, 2019 by fishing fanatics 

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We all miss spots when we apply sunscreen prior to heading out for a day of fishing. Heck, I’ve been known to have no sunburn anywhere except one small area that my hand missed while applying the sun goo.

The solution for me and many anglers is to layer up and protect ourselves from overexposure to the Sun with various articles of clothing. Nowadays, there are so many companies engaged in producing UPF (Ultra Violet Protection) clothing, it’s easy to find something to help the cause of no sunburn and more importantly, the reduction and hopefully prevention of skin cancers caused by overexposure to the sun.

Buff Eclipse Gloves

I had the opportunity to try out a few items over the last couple of months and weeks and in the this first installment of sun protection product reviews, I’ll share thoughts on them so far.

First off, Buff products. This company has been promoting sun safety and outdoor enjoyment for many years. Their product is excellent. I’ve been using the CoolNet UV + XL buff, that’s the stretchy fabric tube you slide over your head and it covers your neck and also ears and some of your face if you want it to. Also, a couple pairs of sun gloves, the Solar model (UPF 40) and the Eclipse mode (UPF 50). The Solar is a lighter weight glove and the Eclipse is a little more heavy-duty with gripping material and longer fingers and wrist coverage. Throw a trucker cap in there for good measure, and my head, neck, and hands were covered by Buff.

The neck protection fit well and covered my neck, ears, and face easily and comfortably. Add the cap, and no sunburn up there for me, thank you. One note, I always wear sunscreen as well on any skin that will be exposed, a good idea for you as well.

Blackfish Angler Sun Hoodie

Both pairs of gloves worked great. I’ve never used sun gloves before and forgot they were there. It was wonderful not getting my hands fried after a day on the water. These are absolutely a permanent fixture in my fishing arsenal from now on.

Not gonna lie, I dig the Trucker hat from Buff, but it’s a cap. It’s cool, but it’s a cap. Kept the sun off the top of my head and my eyes. Seriously, buy Buff products, they are terrific.

Now let’s talk fishing shirts. I’ve been trying out two long sleeve models from Blackfish. The Angler Long Sleeve Shirt and the Angler Sun Hoodie. The Sun Hoodie I received came in a Hi-Liter yellow color, and I love it.

Now the important part, functionality. The hoodie excelled at its task. It is a comfortable garment allowing for ease of movement and true protection against the Sun. Plenty of length, and the hood really kept the sun off your neck. I highly recommend this piece of clothing.

Not so much for the standard long sleeve model I received. While it was comparable to the hoodie in most aspects, where it failed was the neck opening. It’s too big. The shirt isn’t too big, the neck opening is. Even with a Buff covering my neck, there were gaps due to the shirt’s flawed neck opening allowing the Sun in, and unfortunately, I ended up with a lovely little sunburn in that area. Of course, you never know with clothing. Possibly the shirt I had was an oddity, but I’m reporting what I experienced, it’s up to you to decide. However, go and buy the Blackfish Sun Hoodie, really good stuff.

Title Nine Sunbuster

The final company in this initial sun product report is named Title Nine, a women’s apparel company. The initial reports on the product we had to test are all positive. Clearly the clothes are made for women, meaning they fit and move with a woman’s body, not arbitrarily tagged as women’s clothes because of some preconceived, antiquated idea about color schemes.

The Sunbuster Long Sleeve Pullover, Gold Coast Model (UPF 50) was a hit. Stylish and functional. From a day on the water to heading out for beverages with buddies afterward, this sure isn’t the standard gear so many women have been stuck with in the fishing world. This is top shelf product.

Rogue Shorts (UPF 50) finished up the offerings we had from Title Nine. Same high quality and functionality as their shirt. Fit and finish were excellent and they dried quickly when wet. Zippered front pockets and velcro back pockets. All pockets are usable and easily accessible. Check out Title Nine if you need women’s outdoor apparel. The product we’ve encountered is excellent.

All of the companies reviewed are definitely worthy of your business. For more information, check them out here:




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