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 Sep 2nd, 2012 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Professional tournament anglers have the dream life in the eyes of many observers. Sure, fishing for a living is conceptually wonderful, but the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series season was anything but a dream for Wisconsin’s Travis Manson. Finishing in the 66th position at the end of the year was no nightmare for Manson, but a fish here and there would have made all of the difference to possibly qualifying for the Bassmaster Classic.

Travis Manson (Photo BassFIRST)

“Looking back of the season and I have to say I made some progress,” said Manson. “This was my second season fishing on the Elite series. The first year was tough just learning how things work out there, but this past season I became better at practice and analyzing what I needed to do. I feel like I am on the right track.

“I really had no clue at all at Toledo Bend, but the rest of the schedule I felt pretty good about what I did. Just a few fish here and there and I would’ve cashed more checks and maybe had a chance to qualify for the Classic.”

To put things in perspective, Manson finished 66th overall and didn’t qualify for the Bassmaster Classic. Fellow second year pro Jonathon VanDam finished 5 places lower at 71st, but qualified to fish the Classic by way of winning the Elite Series event at Green Bay.

Manson intends on making more progress next season. After all, he only has a few years of bass fishing under his belt. He didn’t start chasing them until 2007.

“I know that with another year I’ll get even better as a pro,” said Manson. “I’ve been fishing for years, but bass fishing was never a focus for me until 2007. So I have a lot fewer years than many anglers fishing the Elites.

“I know I am very well-rounded as far as tactics, I just need to learn to figure out patterns better and be a more patient angler.”

The only thing stopping Manson in 2013 will be his cash flow.

“I love the 2013 Elite Series schedule,” said Manson. “I don’t care about fishing famous waters or big fish waters. It’s all about figuring it out and winning.

“I think next year the biggest challenge for me will be financially. I didn’t have any big cash sponsors this year. I need work this off-season on securing some quality sponsors. It’s a numbers game. Get as many cash sponsors as possible and show them what a valuable marketing partner I will be for them.

“It would just crush me not to fish the Elites next year. I will do whatever it takes to make 2013 happen for me.”

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