True Utility Presents the Mycro Utility Knife: an Andrew Takach Design

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 Aug 10th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Author: Jonathan Kilburn

Ft. Worth, TX (August 10, 2022) – Several TV shows are known for having some amazing metal smiths walk through their halls. Great names in the industry first had the spotlight thrust upon them while on television and have found success once the cameras stopped rolling. After winning a television knife-making competition show, Andrew has gotten to work on bringing one design to the mass market.

Residing in Pennsylvania, Takach started his knife-making journey in 2004. He began to produce little knives with a Dremel tool as a small hobby. “They were probably nothing good,” said Takach, “but I really started to become addicted to making knives.” He continues, “I would take my kids to my mother’s and sit down for hours making knives.”

Since the show ended, Takach has been making new blades that he had never done before. Recently, the second-ever Takach sword was produced – the first being made during a television filming. One staple to his collection before the show had been the Mycro. This original design came from some left-over steel stock and a customer who wanted an ultralight knife for small cutting tasks without needing a hip sheath. “Many of my designs are by accident, and they work well.” With a little hard work and some changes over the years, the Mycro has been made by Andrew in many different steel types and several different grinds.

To learn more about Andrew Takach or keep up to date on his custom designs, please visit: http://takachforge.net


True Knives has begun the first commercial production run of Andrew Takach’s Mycro Utility Knife. The small and lightweight knife has a unique shape with a flat edge for easy cutting. While easily capable of being a neck knife, the Mycro does come with a unique multi-purpose PA66 sheath capable of several different carry locations and positions. PA66 is nylon material and perfect for keeping weight low and durability high. Included is a belt clip offering many carry options.

This small blade is made from satin 8CrMoV and bears a Wharncliffe shape. This shape has commonly been used for utility and small work tasks. Since it is corrosion-resistant, the small design is perfect for everyday tasks in all environments. Filling in the grip are G10 handles. G10 is also waterproof and incredibly durable, having found use with many knife manufacturers for handles and scales and grips in the firearms industry.

The Mycro is a great general-purpose go-to utility blade. Without a doubt, it can easily find its way into construction sites, auto shops, tackle boxes, or anywhere someone needs a quick-cutting tool. The origin story of this design goes back to ultralight camping as outdoorsmen/women have historically found the blade shape and size a perfect combination.

But what is next for Andrew? While he still is making custom knives to order, he hosts a knife-making class almost weekly. Individuals can come to his shop and make their own knives. “I want to focus on some folding knives for the near future,” said Andrew. Takach is a name that will undoubtedly become more familiar in the metal smithing world.


● 1.5” Wharncliffe Blade w/ Satin Finish

● PA66 Nylon Multi-position carry sheath

● 8CrMov Stainless Steel

● G10 handles

● Ultra-Lightweight and Ergonomic

● Knife Weight: 0.75 lb

● Dimensions: 3.625” L x 1.25” W x 0.375” D

● Price: $27.99

● Edge Grind: Fine Edge Hollow Grind

● Cutting Length: 1.5”

● SKU: TRU-FXK-1005

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