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 Nov 21st, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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When going to a new body of water, I first do some internet research. The internet makes things much easier than in the past. I usually look at the body of water on Google Earth and get a good indication of the type of cover it has to offer. Grass shows up really well on the earth map.

BASS Elite Series Pro Randy Howell (Photo BASS Communications)

I then order a map and have it sent from the area and study it to find the part of the lake that looks most suitable to the season and my style of fishing. I will find a section of the lake and try to concentrate on finding the fish in that area instead of trying to cover it all in a limited amount of time. I can get about 65% of my work done in these two major points, internet and map study.

The real work begins when I hit the water. I have my Triton-Mercury full of gas to start the process of elimination. I depend mainly on my Lowrance X-28 GPS mapping system to navigate around the lake. The contour lines help me stay out of the shallow when running and they also help me find the types of fishing areas I am looking for depending on the season I am fishing there.

The intuition phase is the next step in locating a pattern or finding a good area. What I mean by this is, that while slowly cruising around the lake and looking I allow my instincts to take over. This is the part of the game that can’t be taught, it has to come from within. The natural instincts can increase with more time on the water and more experience making decisions. Good decisions breed confidence and confidence is the key to catching fish. That little voice, that says that point looks good or that dock is perfect, that is intuition. The more you stop and fish these places that your intuition says fish, the more success and confidence you breed when you catch fish. You don’t always catch fish everywhere you stop, but you put the puzzle together one piece at a time.

The greatest part of bass fishing is the satisfaction you get when you complete the puzzle and have the confidence that you are going to catch one on the next cast. There is no secret formula for catching fish on a new body of water, but with these tips, hopefully you will continue to learn and improve just as I try to do on every outing.

Good luck and God bless!

Randy Howell

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