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 Nov 20th, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Every year since we were little children those of us who celebrate Christmas created some sort of wish list. I remember sitting at my kitchen table in my family apartment in Chicago pouring over the Sears Wishbook. This big honking thing came every fall and my brother and I would decide what we wanted from Santa.

This catalog had everything, except fishing gear.

As I got older I started getting the Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain and Cabela’s catalogs. Let me just say this, I still pour over these things like a little kid at Christmas time thinking about all of the cool stuff I’d like Santa to bring me this year.

So, I started wondering what do some of the top bass pros desire from Santa for Christmas 2008? Are they, like us, wanting the newest piece of gear or do they already have everything? I asked several of them for their top 3 picks on their personal wish list. You may find it interesting, but only one actually wants fishing stuff.

Aaron Martens

“I am terrible with Christmas lists. This is just a wish list and I probably won’t get any of these things, because they are so expensive.”

1. New mountain bike with 29″ wheels
2. Sheepskin seat covers
3. 60″ plasma TV. One can always wish.

Gerald Swindle

1. New hunting boots
2. Fender flares for Yamaha Rhino
3. Bushnell Rangefinder with angle adjustment

Chad Morgenthaler

Chad Morgenthaler

“Ok, here’s my wish list.

1. Very first on my list would be a no limit fuel card just in case the price of fuel goes back up in time for tour season.
2. Second is a new dually to pull my 40-foot 5th wheel. Probably not going to get this one either, the wife says no, but I can still ask.
3. Third might be a little more realistic, one of the new Casio Kinetic watches. I’m a watch freak!”

Mike Iaconelli

“I would like the book

1. Fishing On The Edge
2. a Never Give Up tee shirt,
3. An authentic black Toyota hat.” Editors Note (Hmmm, seems like Ike may already have all of that for sale at www.mikeiaconelli.com)

Marty Stone

“My top three wishes are:

1. Great Economy
2. For all who love to fish to get a chance to go more in ’09
3. For the PAA tournaments to be a success!”

Bernie Schultz and sons

Bernie Schultz

“Here’s my wish list;

1. To see both of my sons prosper in life, in any direction they choose.
2. Obviously, to win the BASS Classic in Shreveport next February. Or, should somebody beat me to this, the year after in New Orleans would be good.
3. Because I collect vintage tackle, I’d wish for the ultimate find–a super rare lure in its original box.”

Sean Hoernke

1. A new airbrush, I wore my last one out painting too many crankbaits!
2. Some more Windstopper fleece because I know what comes after Christmas…back to work in January and its cold!
3. This is my biggest item on my Christmas wish list for Santa Claus, but I won’t know if it comes true or not till nex t October….A $200,000 PAA Tournament Series Championship win at my home Lake Conroe next fall. You can’t blame me for asking?

John Crews having a little fun

John Crews

1. Another sponsor (never enough)
2. TRX Fitness System
3. New furniture- 2 chairs, 2 tables, and a desk- for my house (got a feeling I will buy that)

Luke Clausen

1. 100 pack of Berkley slim shakey worms in Green Pumpkin. I have been getting a small trickle of prototypes of them for the last year.
2. Heavy wool deer hunting clothes
3. Megabass Vision 100 jerkbaits

Kevin VanDam

1. A pop-up blind to bowhunt with Jackson and Nicholas out of
2. A new trail camera
3. A fun filled holiday season with my family.

Joe Thomas

1. Garmin Colorado Handheld GPS
 2. I-phone
 3. Carbon Arrows and Broadheads

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