Evers Everywhere, Reese Heads to Argentina

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 Nov 5th, 2012 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Evers Everywhere

If you think a top pro on the Bassmaster Elite Series has a crazy travel schedule during the regular season, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Nitro Boats pro Edwin Evers is bopping around almost as much as a Presidential candidate these days.

Evers filming with Mark Zona for the upcoming All-Star tournament show airing later this month. (Photo Edwin Evers)

“I just got home this past weekend from Milwaukee from a charity event” said Evers. “The event was for the Neighborhood House of Milwaukee, www.nh-milw.org.

“This week I am off to New York to appear on Fox and Friends. I’ll be there to promote the Bass Pro Shops Santa’s Wonderland. Then the following week I’ll be in Anaheim, California for Nitro Boats at Glover Marine. The problem with the Anaheim trip is that Glover’s has the best unique swimbait assortment anywhere in the country that I’ve seen. I think I spent $1,000 the last time I was there on swimbaits.

“The best thing is that my wife, Tuesday, gets to travel with me to these events. Sure makes the travel a lot more enjoyable.”

Skeet to Argentina

Sure, Lucky Craft pro Skeet Reese has a normal life outside of pro fishing. In fact, when BassFIRST spoke with him he was just returning from driving his daughters to school. However, not many folks get to chill with two MLB pitchers and head to Argentina for a “Bucket List” fishing trip.

“In December I am heading to La Zona, Argentina to fish for golden Dorado and shoot capybaras,” said Reese. “This is a “Bucket List” trip for me. I hear the Dorado is nastier than a peacock bass, and they have razor-sharp teeth. We will use 100-pound spiderwire, 150-pound steel leaders and 4X hooks.

“I’m going on the trip with Roy Halladay of the Phillies and Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals. Pretty cool.”

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