Biffle takes lead at West Point

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 May 4th, 2013 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Fans of pro bass fishing know Elite Series pro Tommy Biffle of Waggoner, Oklahoma is known as an angler who consistently grinds out fish regardless of conditions. Day 3 of the Bassmaster event at West Point Lake in Lagrange, Georgia is no different. Biffle produced a limit weighing 10 pound 6 ounces for a 3-day total of 33 pounds 9 ounces. That weight doesn’t seem remarkable, but the weather gods were unkind to the anglers today with a deluge of rain making fishing wet and cold all day.

Tommy Biffle (Photo BassFIRST)

Only 9 ounces behind Biffle going into the final day is Pete Ponds from Madison, Mississippi.

Rounding out the Top 5 are Aaron Martens of Leeds, Alabama with 32 pounds 10 ounces, Todd Faircloth of Jasper, Texas with 32 pounds 1 ounce and Chris Zaldain of San Jose, California with 31 pounds 15 ounces.

With weights so tight, the final should be a real shoot out.

The weather was not enjoyable for Biffle today.

“Catching my limit was big today,” said Biffle. “This rainy weather didn’t help. I didn’t enjoy it at all. I lost the first fish that bit today. That made me nervous, but I ended up with 5 or 6 bites today. If the water doesn’t get too muddy, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.”

Biffle focused on shallow water fishing largemouths with spinnerbaits and flipping.

Ponds worked it old school to get his limit.

“I was scraping and clawing just like the rest of the anglers today,” said Ponds. “I caught two fish the way I’ve been catching them this week. My fifth fish I had to handline it in. Hand-over-hand. Had a huge backlash on the hook-set. My rod and reel went in the water, but I got the fish in.”

Martens knows how he needs to adjust.

“I know what I did wrong today,” said Martens. “I know where the big fish are. There was no current today. Yesterday there was a lot of current and I caught a lot of fish. Today I’d get over a fish and just spook them. I caught a 2-pounder with five minutes left. That helped a lot.

“If they open up the gates and the current flows tomorrow, I might have a good chance. I just need to get some sleep. I stayed up til midnight last night working on tackle.”

Faircloth switched to largemouths.

“I had a good day today,” said Faircloth. “I’ve been fishing spots. Today I was dedicated to fishing for largemouths. I caught 6 keepers today. They were good quality bites.”

Zaldain going light.

“It has been a grind this week,” said Zaldain. “All this weather change and water coming in makes it tough. I’ve caught all of my fish this week on light stuff. I’m using 8-pound Seaguar line and a Strike King Shim-E-Stick. The lure falls straight down. That’s how I’m fishing.”

Sunday’s Top 12 rounds out like this:

1. Tommy Biffle: 33-09
2. Pete Ponds: 33-00
3. Aaron Martens: 32-10
4. Todd Faircloth: 32-01
5. Chris Zaldain: 31-15
6. Casey Ashley: 31-12
7. Skeet Reese: 31-02
8. Hank Cherry: 30-06
9. Rick Clunn: 30-02
10. Greg Vinson: 29-15
11. Cliff Crochet: 29-15
12. Cliff Pace: 29-08

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