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 May 2nd, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Mike DelVisco

Mike DelVisco BASS Open Angler
Hometown: Greer, SC

Mike DelVisco is one of the best examples of a pro angler who has never won a major event or title, but still remains visible and attracts quality sponsors.

DelVisco doesn't fish the FLW Tour or the BASS Elite Series, but still runs a wrapped boat, Texas Roadhouse restaurants, and hosts an internet on demand video series titled Bass Bytes.

He works hard to promote his sponsors and makes sure that the dollars they provide him are well spent by going above and beyond what most wannabe pros would do for sponsors.

BF – How many years have you been fishing as fulltime pro?

MD – 24 years

BF – Have you ever won a tournament at any level? If yes, how many and which events?

MD – Early on in my career, I had a bunch of wins on some of the regional trails and was the East Coast Points leader for the old Grand National Trail. On a more national level, I started fishing BASS when I was 18 and although I have never won one of those, I have had some good finishes over the years. With competition so tough everything has to go your way to win. I have had days where I was right up there within a couple pounds of the lead. If I can stay consistent I usually have a good shot at finishing well.

BF – Do you have any other job besides being pro angler right now?

MD – No

BF – What was your previous job?

MD – I worked in a deli overnight when in my late teen years to early twenties. It gave me time to fish and also do shows and promotions in the winter months.

BF – How many days per year do you fish?

MD – About 175 days per year.

BF – How many days per year are you on the road for tournaments?

MD – About 75.

BF – How many shows do you work for sponsors?

MD – I conduct about 40 seminar speaking engagements a year. Most of my show work now is seminar work and not necessarily for a specific sponsor.

BF – What else do you do for sponsors?

MD – I do a lot of appearances for my title sponsor Texas Roadhouse. We typically have a product give away during these appearances and I am able to tie in my various sponsors with this. They get included in the press info and any associated advertising with the visit. It's a great way for them to tap into potential new consumer groups. My sponsors are also involved with all of the video related projects I am involved with including my multimedia seminars, DVD's and Video on Demand TV series.

BF – What is your favorite pastime?

MD – Cooking and having the chance to catch something different than a bass.

BF – Do you have a family and do they travel with you to tournaments?

MD – No, I'm single.

BF – If you weren't a pro angler would you still fish tournaments?

MD – Absolutely, I love the competition. There is a huge difference between just kicking back going fishing and tournament competition. It does not matter if I am fishing for $10 or $10,000 I love the rush and excitement of tournament fishing.

BF – What's your favorite go-to bait?

MD – Yo-Zuri Vibe lipless crankbait.

BF – What's your favorite bait to use?

MD – The Yamamoto Hula Grub.

BF – Who is your favorite US President of all time?

MD – George H.W. Bush. He is a pretty good fisherman and a life member of BASS

For more information about Mike DelVisco check out his website, www.bassbytes.tv.

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