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 May 2nd, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Aaron Martens (BASS Communications Photo)

Aaron Martens BASS Elite Series Pro
Hometown: Leeds, AL

Aaron Martens is one of many West Coast transplants who now live closer to the heart of pro tournament bass fishing. Originally from California, Martens honed his high-level bass busting skills on some of the toughest and competitive tournament trails in the West.

His fishing fame has generally been made using finesse techniques and also due to his several second place finishes at the Bassmaster Classic. Oh, and his multiple wins and titles have also helped launch him to super-stardom in the pro bass fishing world.

BF – How many years have you been fishing as fulltime pro?

AM – I've been fishing as a pro now for 14 years.

BF – Have you ever won a tournament at any level? If yes, how many and which events?

AM – I've won over 15 tournaments in West Coast Pro Circuits. I've won three Bassmaster Opens, one FLW Tour event, one BASS Elite event and the 2005 BASS Angler of the Year title.

BF – Do you have any other job besides being pro angler right now?

AM – No

BF – What was your previous job?

AM – I was a gas station attendant at the age of 20.

BF – How many days per year do you fish?

AM – I fish about 320 days per year.

BF – How many days per year are you on the road for tournaments?

AM – About 120 days.

BF – How many shows do you work for sponsors?

AM – Two.

BF – What else do you do for sponsors?

AM – I work my behind off.

BF – What is your favorite pastime?

AM – Fishing.

BF – Do you have a family and do they travel with you to tournaments?

AM – Yes, a wife and two kids.

BF – If you weren't a pro angler would you still fish tournaments?

AM – Yes, of course.

BF – What's your favorite go-to bait?

AM – A Scrounger..

BF – What's your favorite bait to use?

AM – A Scrounger.

BF – Who is your favorite US President of all time?

AM – Ronald Reagan.

To learn more about Aaron and the Scrounger lure check out his website, www.aaronmartenslures.com.

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