NPO Profile: Future Fisherman Foundation

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 Nov 5th, 2008 by OutdoorsFIRST 

Modified Nov 5th, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Today we continue with the BassFIRST series focusing on NPO (non-profit organizations) within the fishing and boating industries. On tap today is the Future Fisherman Foundation and its Executive Director Anne Danielski.

BF – Why was your organization created?

AD – Originally as the education and outreach arm of the American Sportsfishing Association
BF – How is your organization funded?

AD – Grants and donations
BF – What does your organization do to increase the participation in sport fishing?

AD – We work primarily with youth school and with juvenile social service agencies
BF – How do you personally work at increasing sport fishing participation?

AD – We provide training and funding for schools to introduce fishing to children from all walks of life. Schools are doing innovative programming, tying in sciences, math and physical education all while providing the necessary social support for kids to learn and enjoy fishing for a lifetime. We also work with the Boys and Girls Clubs to introduce fishing and conservation in an after school and weekend environment. The top kids from around the country get the opportunity to fish with the best anglers in the world in a BASS Elite Series event
BF – Does your organization have support from grassroots organizations?

AD – We have partnerships in over 200 schools nationwide
BF – Do you own a boat? Yes. A Wilderness Systems kayak
– How many times per year do you go fishing?

AD – 15-20
– How many employees does your organization have?

AD – We have two employees.
BF – What role do you see for your organization in the future regarding sport fishing?

AD – The only place that kids have to be is school and that has proven to be an ideal place to introduce and support angling education. We will continue to support this effort.
BF – What is your personal fishing background?

AD – I am a lifelong angler having learned to fish with my father.
BF – Why should recreational anglers trust you to do right by them?

AD – I have a long track record of introducing youth to the outdoors and to fishing. Prior to joining the Foundation I worked with Pennsylvania Sea Grant introducing and mentoring over 11,000 youth. I am committed to preserving and protecting the sport of fishing and aquatic resources
– Where do you see the future of sport fishing heading in the United States?

– If we do not make a concerted effort to reach ALL of our youth (white, African American, Hispanic and Asian) all is lost. Fishing is an ideal way to reconnect our youth with nature and we have to be aggressive about reaching kids and getting them outdoors

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