AIM™ Announces the Sanctioned Series Entrants to the 2010 International Walleye Championship™

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 Aug 26th, 2010 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Plymouth, WI – August 25, 2010 – Anglers Insight Marketing LLC™ (AIM) announces that 41 anglers will be joining the field of competitors at the Lake Winnibigosh Championship based on their record in AIM “Sanctioned Series” walleye tournaments.

In order to support walleye tournament angling at the “grass roots” level, AIM developed the “Sanctioned Series” concept. This program allowed the numerous regional tournaments to increase the excitement in their events by offering a special season-ending bonus – an invitation to compete in the AIM International Walleye Championship™. 

Prior to the start of the 2010 tournament season, dozens of regional tournaments in the United States and Canada were invited to participate as an AIM Sanctioned Series. Nearly fifty tournament organizations joined the AIM Sanctioned Series. These tournaments promoted the opportunity to their competitors, and their logos were identified at www.aimfishing.com.

The Sanctioned Series reported their “Teams of the Year” prior to the registration deadline for the AIM Championship. The anglers were then offered two options. The first is to compete alongside the AIM Pro Anglers that qualified through the AIM Pro Walleye Series™ tournaments. Ultimately, three anglers have accepted these invitations and will be in attendance at Lake Winnibigosh. The anglers competing as Pros based on their Sanctioned Series qualifications are:

   Chris Kindraka, Pro Angler from the Saskatchewan Walleye Trail
   Cary Pettinger, Pro Angler from the Lac du Bonnet Walleye Classic
   Kevin Audrain, Pro Angler from the Texas Walleye Association

Secondly, the Teams of the Year were invited to compete in a special “tournament within the tournament” with the creation of the AIM Team International Walleye Championship™. Nineteen teams have registered to compete against the other teams in this special Championship. The anglers competing in the team event are:

    Fred Sanchez and Chris Roehl, FM Walleyes Unlimited (MN)
    Dave LaCoe and Zach Dagel, City Auto Glass Walleye Classic (MN)
    George Dolan and Mike Dolan, Charlie Chain Fishing Series (IL)
    Mike Coupland and Marc Coupland, Saskatchewan Walleye Trail (Sask)
    Doug Bonwell and Dave Merron, Cedar Valley Walleye Club (IA)
    Brian Mazur and Mark Mazur, Illinois Walleye Trail (IL)
    Kevin Oyen and Steve Kopp, Walleye Anglers Trail (IA)
    Chad Niemann and Richard Young, Walleye Searchers of MN (MN)
    Todd Schryer and Gail Scharffe, Northern Lake Walleye Club (MI)
    Sean Cotter and Dave Hernesman, Grand Rapids Walleye Classic (MN)
    Rick Cavanaugh and Jim Cavanaugh, Mercury Nationals (WI)
    Kent Anderson and Doug Erickson, Bluff’s Walleye Series (WI)
    Derek Boeger and Dan Palmer, Rockford Fishing Walleye Trail (IL)
    Sheldon Hatch and Gord Schultz, Ottawa Region Walleye League (Ont)
    Dan Hein and Didier Germain, Northern Ontario Pro Walleye Trail (Ont)
    Rich Oliver and Troy Schroeder, Nebraska Walleye Classic (NE)
    Kal Ustishen and Rick Ustishen, Michigan Walleye tour (MI)
    Craig Brown and Carey Brown, Minnesota Walleye Alliance (MN)
    Brad Rassmussen and Gordon Fothergill, Leech Lake Walleye Tournament (MN)

The payouts for the special AIM Team International Walleye Championship™ are as follows:

    First Place        $3,500
    Second Place        $2,100
    Third Place        $1,500
    Fourth Place        $1,000
    Fifth Place        $800
    Sixth Place        $600

Anglers Insight Marketing welcomes all these competitors – from six states and two Canadian provinces – to the AIM International Walleye Championship™. The intention is to repeat and expand the Sanctioned Series program for the 2011 season. AIM recognizes its opportunity to stimulate the excitement in grass roots tournament angling and introduce new competitors to the sport.

Further information about AIM as well as up-to-the-minute updates about tournaments can be found at the AIM web site: www.aimfishing.com. Additional information about the Lake Winnibigoshish area can be found at www.lakewinnie.net.

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Anglers Insight Marketing, LLC™ (AIM) is a unique tournament organization which is owned by stockholders, the majority of which are Professional walleye anglers. AIM Professionals are among the “All Stars” of professional fishing, with cumulative HUNDREDS of years of tournament experience, including countless tournament victories, series championships, and Angler of the Year titles. This insight and knowledge is now being employed to provide the finest tournament experience for the participants, and the maximum exposure for the host tournament sites and corporate partners.

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