SPRO® Saltwater Series Line

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 Apr 13th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Kennesaw, GA (April 13, 2022) – Responding to requests from more discriminating saltwater-specific anglers, SPRO® is rolling out a comprehensive line of premium grade Japanese-made lines with something for everyone. Whether casting for skittish reds and trout on the flats or jigging up giant jacks and grouper, SPRO’s new Saltwater Series offers a range of line types and sizes for almost any offshore and inshore marine application.

SPRO Depth Control 8x is a super-smooth Japanese braid designed specifically for jigging with a spinning rod, but certainly sufficient for other applications. As the name implies, it’s color-metered in 10-meter increments for more precise depth control so anglers know they are putting the jig in the right place.

SPRO Depth Control 8x Features:

Made for offshore fishing
Pitch marks for jigging
Great for spinning tackle
High speed and slow pitch jigging
Size: 300m
30lb- $29.99
40lb- $29.99
50lb- $29.99
60lb- $29.99
80lb- $37.99

SPRO Cast Control 8x is a more all-around, multi-purpose braid for just about every casting application. It features a lime green color for high visibility and is ideal for both inshore and offshore fishing.

SPRO Cast Control 8x Features:

Premium Japanese braid 8X
Made for excellent castability
Multipurpose line
Size: 150m-300m
10lb – $19.99
12lb – $19.99
15lb – $19.99
18lb – $19.99
20lb – $19.99
30lb – $29.99
50lb – $29.99
60lb – $29.99
80lb – $29.99

As its name implies, SPRO Slow Pitch Braid 4X was designed with less stretch for slow pitch jigging, when anglers need instant and precise control over the lure’s action.

SPRO Slow Pitch Braid Features:

Premium Japanese braid
Made for slow pitch jigging
4X strands for less stretch and maximum feel
Pitch marks for depth control
Sizes: 300m-1,200m
30lb – $28.99
40lb – $28.99
50lb – $28.99
30lb – $105.99
40lb – $105.99
50lb – $105.99

The RT in SPRO RT Leader stands for Real Tough. It’s made of an extremely strong, abrasion resistant fluorocarbon for the toughest fish and fishing conditions. It features superior knot strength, and comes in a stealth pink color that disappears in the depths.

SPRO RT Leader Features:

Premium Japanese fluorocarbon
Super hard material for extra durability
Great knot strength
Stealth pink color
Size: 300 mm
18lb – $18.99
20lb – $18.99
30lb – $23.99
40lb – $23.99
50lb – $33.99
60lb – $39.99
80lb – $46.99
100lb – $61.99

The assist in SPRO Assist Line comes from three core types, each with a specific purpose in mind, but all with multiple applications. Assist FC has a fluorocarbon core for standard slow pitch jigging. The Assist Metal line features a wire core for fish with teeth. The Assist Mono’s monofilament core is more limp and is ideal for finesse presentations to finicky or inactive fish. The core in all three lines is designed to prevent the line from fouling and hooks from catching on the line. All three lines are designed for conventional reels and available in Attract Blue color if the fish are active or Stealth Red if they’re in a negative mood.

SPRO Assist Line Features:

Premium Japanese braided Assist Line
Three Core Styles for Tying On Assist Hooks
6m Spools
Two Colors- Attract Blue and Stealth Red
Sizes: 140lb, 180lb, 220lb, 260lb
MSRP: all styles and sizes are $13.99

SPRO has set anglers up for success to target a variety of species and sizes. SPRO’s innovation is second to none when it comes to providing anglers all the essential gear to be effective on any body of water at any time.

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