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 May 19th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified May 19th, 2022 at 11:30 PM

Boulder City, NV (May 18, 2022) – First responders may not always be visible when things are running smoothly. However, they are always around us and are an integral part of our communities as they help us when we are faced with emergencies. As we celebrate Public Service Recognition Week during the month of May, Fisher Space Pen offers their First Responders Series to honor those in the fields and express appreciation for their service.

Fisher’s First Responders Collection presents an ultimate choice for service professionals who frequently work in some of the most unusual conditions. Each pen in this collection is equipped with a medium-point pressurized PR4 black ink cartridge. This cartridge provides its user with incredible reliability even underwater or in zero gravity, regardless of the angle. Additionally, the PR4 cartridge boasts smooth performance in extreme temperatures ranging from -30° F to 250° F. The single-hand activation by cap and the 5.27” open length make these pens versatile and convenient simultaneously.

The design of the First Responders Series pens makes them an attractive gift for any service professional. Based on the M4B Military Matte Black Cap-O-Matic Space Pen, all of these pens are marked with a printed line of six assorted colors reflective of six service fields: gold (dispatchers), blue (law enforcement), red (firefighters), green (conservation), white (EMS) and orange (search and rescue). Moreover, Fisher Space Pen has been donating a portion of proceeds from each pen to support the service professionals, making the First Responders Series pens even more significant. The recipients of this support include First Responders Children’s Foundation, C.O.P.S (Concerns of Police Survivors), injured firefighters and their families, National Park Foundation, NAEMT (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians) Foundation and National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.

Personalization options such as engraving and gift-wrapping are available at an additional cost. At $30 with a lifetime guarantee, Fisher Space Pen First Responders Series would make a superb choice, an affordable and meaningful way to honor anyone in service fields.

First Responder Matte Black Cap-O-Matic Space Pen Series Features:

PR4 Black Ink Cartridge
Single-Hand Activation
5.27” Open Length
Writes in Temperature Range of -30° F to 250° F
Matte Black Finish
6 Marked Line Colorings: Gold (dispatchers), Blue (law enforcement), Red (firefighters), Green (conservation), White (EMS), Orange (search and rescue).
Packaged in Black Shuttle Gift Box
Engraving Available
MSRP: $30

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