Making a Difference For Health Care Providers and First Responders

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 Apr 15th, 2020 by sworrall 

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We’ll get through this together. That’s a mantra widely used as we navigate through a set of events never seen anywhere in the world. There are those who nod, agree, and go about their daily social distancing experience, and then, there’s a few who step up, take action, and make a serious positive impact.

The virus threat has caused health care workers continuing hardship, especially considering the fact PPE gear is so hard to source, and has become wildly expensive.

In answer, two Midwestern companies joined together to provide KN95 masks with a “guaranteed NO price gouge” program for our American front line Healthcare workers. It started with a phone call checking on each other, and blossomed into an idea that will save lives.

The founder and President of Whitetail’R, a brand in the archery industry, also founded ‘I Am Brands LLC’, a non-marketed, private, family owned company built on a philosophy of making a difference when and wherever needed. The company has already shipped countless KN95 masks at just a bit over net cost and about a third of the top current price.

Our country was founded by an unending entrepreneurial minded spirit and often smaller, more focused companies don’t have to deal with as much of the internal time consuming red tape larger entities deal with.

Scott Matheson and Jeff Zernov, familiar names to many in the hunting and fishing industries, worked out a way to make a difference talking on the phone 7 weeks ago. Pooling their respective talents and combined 70+ years of experience, they made this opportunity a reality.

Currently their manufacturer is making 150,000 masks a day. In the last three weeks alone they have secured over 760,000 masks for WI and MN based Hospitals and Healthcare services working together with state representatives, congressmen and state agencies cutting red tape to expedite this mission.

The NO price gouge guarantee? While some states are paying over $6 a mask we are providing FDA approved KN95 masks for under $2.30 including free air freight. They are keenly aware they could charge much more, but it’s not about profits in this time of need, it’s about doing the right thing and making a difference if they can.

Our first responders, healthcare professionals and support staff save lives, bless them all. Scott and Jeff are living proof American small businesses can step up and  retool to help them in this time of need. It’s in our DNA.

For more information:

Scott Matheson, Whitetail’R

(W) 920-526-3111

(Fax) 920-482-1244


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