Gamakatsu(R) Retainer Bend Barbless Hooks Penetrate and Stick

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 Feb 4th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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Tacoma, Washington (February 3, 2021) – The long-standing fly fishing debate between the pros and cons of barbless and barbed hooks is now easily settled with the Retainer Bend Barbless series hooks. The R19-B is continuing the expansion of this popular hook category that is specifically designed to hook and hold more fish.

The barbless design also makes it easier to release fish. It serves as a means of protecting and minimizing harm while molding to the catch and release ethic and conservational model of many fishing streams. A nano-smooth coating and razor-sharp hook point reduce resistance, creating more penetrating power and a seriously effective hookset. Ultimately, less energy is required for the hookset, and not as many fish are lost as a result of a slow, late or underpowered set.

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While the slick coating and industry-leading hook edge are impressive qualities, the customized bend is a revolutionary advancement in true barbless hook design. The hook holds fish better without requiring a barb because they are shaped on a slight bend rather than a traditional circle. Fish can run, jump and head shake and the hook will hold tight just like the barbed counterparts.

After landing a fish, the hook easily slides right out, making for a safe and effortless release. The technological advancements found in the R-Series hooks are making barbed hooks a thing of the past for many fly fishermen. Gamakatsu is proud to continue advancing and pushing barbless hook designs into the future.

R19-B Retainer Bend Barbless Features:

● Barbless design makes it easier to release fish
● Shaped on a slight bend versus circle for superior holding power
● Nano Smooth Coat for easier penetration
● Size: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18
● Color: Nano Smooth Coat
● Qty/Pack: 20

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