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 Jan 26th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Pro basser Brian Snowden has been around for a while now. As a Bass Elite Series angler, he’s had a shot at winning a few events only to fall just a bit short. Watching these events unfold on television has been painful to view, but Snowden kept fighting.

Snowden fell short at this BASS event, but not at the first PAA tourney at Toho (Photo BASS Communications)

After several years of fishing at the highest level of tournament fishing, Snowden had his breakthrough moment at the first PAA Series of the season at Lake Toho. BassFIRST had a chance to ask Snowden how this win has impacted him and what his future goals are.

BF – What is the importance of your first major win?

BS – My first major win gives me the confidence to win again, especially since it was a combination of great anglers from the B.A.S.S. and FLW circuits.

BF – How many years have you been working as a pro angler?

BS – I have been a professional angler since 2001.

BF – What was the key element in taking the victory at Toho?

BS – The key element in taking the victory at Toho was working an area with quality fish slowly and methodically.

BF – What were the basic rod, reel, line, lures and locations you used and fished to win at Toho?

BS – I used a St. Croix Legend Tournament 7′ MH Rod with a Johnny Morris Signature Series Reel (6:4:1) spooled with 17 pound XPS Fluorocarbon Line. I used an XR 75 in Foxy Shad concentrating in Toho fishing the off-shore grass in=2 0the southern portion of the lake.

BF – How do you feel the PAA Series will impact the tournament fishing industry?

BS – I feel the PAA Series will benefit the fishing industry, as well as the anglers that participate in the events in a very positive way.

BF – Will you fish all of the PAA events?

BS – Yes, I will be fishing all of the PAA events.

BF – What are you goals for 2009?

BS – My goals for 2009 are to win a BASS event and qualify for the next Classic.

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