Minnesota looks to stay proactive on Chronic Wasting Disease

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 Jun 24th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  152

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Earlier this year we took a look at some of the outdoors issues Gov. Tim Walz and his partners in crime in the Minnesota Senate and House were targeting during the legislative session.

Now that the smoke has cleared, let’s see what was accomplished.

According to a recent news release from the governor’s office, Walz and his Lt. Gov., Peggy Flanagan, their Budget for One Minnesota strengthens the state’s ability to “protect our natural resources and promote them as an asset that improves the lives of our residents.”

Specifically, they point out the Department of Natural Resources budget includes funding for new programs, additional funding in key areas, appropriations from the Legacy funds and Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, and important policy changes.

And thus, in their estimation, the “the components of the Walz-Flanagan biennial budget will positively impact our land, water, and wildlife — and Minnesotans’ ability to enjoy our natural resources for generations.”

While the end result remains to be seen, it is true Walz and cohorts found funding for some key initiatives and should be commended for tackling some key issues through the omnibus bill.

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