Michigan to Change Deer Hunting Regulations

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 Apr 30th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  134

Modified Apr 30th, 2019 at 3:03 PM

MICHIGAN — The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has recommended a series of deer regulation changes for the upcoming fall hunting seasons, which the Michigan Natural Resources Commission will be discussing over the next three months.

Now is the chance for public comment, which will be taken into account before the commission makes decisions expected in July. There are changes proposed statewide and for both of Michigan’s peninsulas individually, officials say.

The recommendations range from a baiting and feeding ban proposed for the Core Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance Area in the Upper Peninsula and a moderate increase in U.P. antlerless deer licenses, to redefining bait to exclude natural or synthetic food-scented materials not consumed by deer and moving the Liberty Hunt to the second weekend in September to avoid potential conflicts between hound bear hunters and youth deer hunters.

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