Win the scent wars with RedHead® Scent Control Bag as first line of defense

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 Aug 21st, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Your best-laid plans for scent control while hunting are constantly under attack. Every place you go, every surface you touch, the very air you breathe is trying to leave its odor on your clothing and gear. The RedHead® Scent Control Bag for hunters is your first line of defense to win this battle.RedHead® Scent Control Bag

Clean your hunting clothes. De-scent them. Add your favorite masking scent if you wish.  Store them securely in the RedHead® Scent Control Bag.  Then, tote the bag out into the woods and put on the clothes when you’re ready.  That’s a game-winning, game-taking strategy.

Constructed from durable 840D nylon with a no-skid PVC bottom, this monster 7,200 cubic inch bag can handle all your scent-critical clothing, boots, gear, and then some. An expandable interior pocket keeps boots separate from clothing to eliminate scent and dirt transfer. The bag’s lining material is woven with silver. That’s critical to the system in two ways.  Silver weave blocks out foreign odors, and its anti-microbial properties reduce game-spooking human scent.

Multiple interior mesh pockets hold gear in place, and also allow placement of scent wafers containing cover scent.  These will keep your clothing, boots and gear fighting the scent wars day after day. They’ll be ready whenever, wherever you’re ready to go hunting.

At only $59.99 consider ordering several RedHead® Scent Control bags to store and carry clothing and gear for each kind of big game hunting you do throughout the seasons.  They are available at: http://www.basspro.com/ and at your nearest Bass Pro Shops retail store.

RedHead® Scent Control Bag

RedHead® Scent Control Bag
• Massive 7,200-cubic-inch size handles clothing, boots, gear, and more
• Silver weave lining blocks out external scent and reduces human bacterial odors
• Durable 840D nylon exterior with rugged, no-skid PVC bottom
• Expandable interior pocket for boots and shoes prevents scent and dirt transfer
• Multiple mesh pockets for accessories and/or cover scent wafers
• Heavy-duty shoulder strap
• MSRP: $59.99
• Available at: http://www.basspro.com/RedHead-Scent-Control-Bag/product/14032511504228/

RedHead® Scent Control Bag

RedHead® Scent Control Bag


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