WILDGAME INNOVATIONS: Bucks for Under 50 Bucks

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 Jan 2nd, 2016 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Dallas, TX (December 31, 2015) – First-generation scouting cameras were bulky, drained batteries quickly and, frankly, didn’t work that well. Thankfully, those frustrating days are in the past. Scouting cameras have evolved to a level that was unimaginable only a few years ago. These amazing tools have become standard equipment for anybody who needs to be there… but can’t really be there.


While some outdoorsmen relish the thought of a game camera with features far exceeding anything they’ve used in the past, there are many who appreciate practical simplicity – an economical scouting camera that will perform basic functions flawlessly. The NEW Wildgame Innovations Terra 5 IR Camera fits these needs perfectly.

Don’t be fooled by the terms “economical” or “basic”. The new Terra 5 IR performs beyond its highly affordable $49.99 price, offering capabilities in line with more expensive models, including a lightning fast, one-second trigger speed and a 21 pc high-intensity LED infrared flash. With a generous flash range up to 50 feet, the Wildgame Innovations Terra 5 IR is ideal for monitoring scrapes, mineral sites or other localized spots where long-range images are neither desired nor required.

The new Wildgame Innovations Terra 5 IR offers both still image and 30-second video capability.

Nothing is worse than checking a camera for new images and realizing the batteries are dead. No such worries, here. The workmanlike Terra 5 IR is highly energy efficient, providing long-term service and performance on just 8 AA batteries.


Model No.  # TR5i1
UPC 6-16376-50812-7

 *   5 MP IR HD LED Digital Scouting Camera
 *   21 pc High Intensity LED Infrared Flash
 *   One second Rapid Trigger Speed
 *   Still and 30-Second Video Capability
 *   Flash Range Up to 50 ft.
 *   Energy Efficient for Long Term Use
 *   Up to 32 GB SDHC Card (not included)
 *   Uses 8 AA-Cell Batteries (not included)
 *   Includes Bungee Cords

Retail:  $49.99

Innovation isn’t always measured by a long list of the latest high-tech features or a correspondingly premium price tag. Sometimes, true innovation manifests itself in a beautifully simplistic and economical product that performs desired functions dutifully and without fail. That’s the innovation in Wildgame Innovations’ new Terra 5 IR Camera.


Wild game Innovations’ all-new Terra 5 IR Camera will debut at the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show in Louisville, Kentucky early next month, along with several other exciting, new-for-2016 Wildgame Innovations products.

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