When is the best time to set up a Licking Stick?

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 Sep 12th, 2019 by Keith Worrall 

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When is the best time to set up a Licking Stick?
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“When is the best time to set these up?” That is a great question, and one I’ve received quite a bit this week.

This is a video from a couple seasons ago and you will notice it’s actually one of our old working proto-types that I’m using. It shows me setting up a Licking Stick the second week of September in a hayfield after the last cut was taken off.

I really don’t know that there is a best or better time of the year to put them out. One thing that is different with a licking stick in comparison to what we commonly think of as licking branches, scrapes and rubs is that a licking stick is something that is used all year round, by all deer. For me personally, I have them out any time I have a camera in the woods with the exception of when they are on an active scrape during the mid oct-nov time frame. I have a couple setups that will need to be put out in the coming weeks because they are going to go into fields that need to be cut yet. Once the last cut of hay comes off I’ll put them in and leave them until spring. I also have several spots that I will be putting them into once beans and corn gets combined.

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