Reducing Coyote Impact On Deer Hunting Lands

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 Mar 7th, 2019 by sworrall 

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Whitetail Habitat Solutions
Published on Feb 28, 2019
Reducing the impact of coyotes on your deer hunting land begins with cover. Have you ever stopped to wonder why large expanses of mature timber often have zero populations of rabbits or grouse? Without high stem count forms over cover, rabbits, grouse and other small critters do not have the basics of food or cover to survive from, let alone protection from coyotes. The highest coyote predation rates are located in the areas with the least amount of overall cover, and I’m sure that shouldn’t be a surprise to you. The first step in reducing the impact of coyotes on your deer hunting land, is to create better cover – cover that often will increase small game numbers at the same time. With small game being the #1 source if food for coyotes, I have experienced that you can increase fawn survival and lower coyote predation rates, simply by improving the diversity and overall quality of your habitat.

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