Take These 6 Important Hunting Kit List For Your Next Hunting Field Trip (2022)

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 May 9th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified May 9th, 2022 at 9:15 AM

Wondering what to take on your next hunting trip? We have all the kit list answers you’ve been looking for.

When you first take up hunting, you will go through this irritating period of trial and error while you work out what you truly need, and what kit the guy upsold you. You will soon learn that it is better to have high quality kit that is durable and long-lasting, than it is to have cheap quality gear that lets you down in the middle of a trip. Gear that lets you down forces you back to your campsite, into your vehicle, and all the way home. If you want gear that you can trust, opt for high quality items, and look at this important hunting kit list to know what you need to pack.

6 Important Hunting Checklists for your Next Field Trip

Are you off on a hunting adventure this year? Here are 6 kit checks you should make before you leave.

1 – Does the Gear fit the Hunt?
If you are hunting in a high traffic area and shooting for deer, you might need a distinctive orange jacket. On the other hand, Turkey Hunting Gear includes equipment specific to hunting in the marshes, where the land is damp and your feet get wet too easily. If you are chasing down predators, you need camo since they can see in color. Does your gear match your hunt?

2 – The Water Checklist
Not all hunting camps have piped water, no matter how organized. If you don’t sit your camp on a stream, you need to bring water with you. Even if you do find a stream, you should treat the water before you drink it to ensure it is clean. Water filtration systems don’t’ cost that much and could literally save your life on a long hunt.

3 – The Food Checklist
Do you have enough rations packed so that you can feed yourself, even if the hunt is poor? If you don’t catch anything for a full week, will your rations last or will you be hungry? Obviously, the point is to live off the land and feed yourself, but we all know this is easier said than done. If you’re going for big prey, be especially sure of rationing. It’s harder to catch, kill, and cook, than a small bird or rabbit.

4 – The Weapons Checklist
Do your weapons match the task at hand? You don’t take a knife to a gun fight and you don’t take a sawn off shotgun to hunt for ducks. Not only must the weapon match the task at hand, but it must also be clean, properly taken care of, and come with plenty of ammunition. If you are a bow hunter, make sure you have backups. A new string, a nocking point, several arrows or bolts, and a protective bag in case of bad weather are all recommended.

5 – Accessories Checklist
Although accessories don’t make the hunt, they certainly make the hunt easier. Pack yourself some calls for your prey, some scent if it works, add a first aid kit, flashlights, and mess tins. All the little things you will need, like new batteries, a flint and steel, bug repellent and binoculars. You will need saws if you plan to portion up larger prey. Consider your hunt from every angle for this.

6 – The Hunting Gear Checklist
You will need to layer up your clothing to regulate your body temperature. Start with a layer of merino wool close to your skin. Add layers on top of this until you get to your top layer, avoiding cotton if you can. Your top layer should be waterproof, as should your boots, to keep you healthy and safe out in the field.

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