Deer Hunting Strategy – GOING IN BLIND

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DIY Sportsman
Published on Jun 2, 2014

While scouting on foot well in advance of the season is the best way to get to know an area and to find great tree stand locations, sometimes “going in blind” is a better option. I’ll define this strategy simply and broadly as hunting an area after doing all of your scouting online rather than on foot.

Why would you ever need to try this? Well, if you want to hunt a new area but never had the time or opportunity to scout it properly back in the spring, it’s often better in my opinion to do a good “going in blind” hunt than to walk around during or right before the season and get human scent all over the woods. That’s a good way to make nice bucks go nocturnal. You can be successful if the first time a deer realized something has changed is when it’s too late.

Near the end of the video I show how to use Google Earth in conjunction with a Garmin GPS to draw new routes so that you can navigate to new spots without ever having been there, even in the dark. This isn’t always an easy method of hunting, but it can be VERY effective.

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