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 Aug 9th, 2017 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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 New Roads, LA (August 8, 2017) – Rattling simulates the sounds of two bucks fighting or sparring, and is one of the most effective ways to call deer throughout the entire hunting season. Light sparring between bucks begins in the early season and increases in intensity through the pre-rut and rut periods. Rattling can remain effective well into the post-rut – especially on dominant bucks. The practice attracts deer for several reasons.

Of course, rattling is primarily intended to provoke a response from mature bucks, which hear the sound of two bucks fighting and move in to defend their territory.
Secondly, deer are naturally curious animals, and the familiar sounds of clashing antlers piques that curiosity, often attracting as many does and fawns as it does bucks.
Finally, rattling can sometimes work better than grunting or other forms of calling, simply because it is louder. Crashing antlers can be heard from much greater distances than the loudest grunt or snort-wheeze. Many experienced whitetail hunters use rattling in combination with a grunt call and snort-wheeze call to lay the ultimate auditory trap for mature whitetail bucks.

Real or synthetic rattling antlers can be cumbersome to carry. Deer hunters looking for a highly portable and packable rattling option should check out the all-new Bone Bag from Flextone, which uses premium hardwoods of maple and oak in a mesh fabric bag to create versatile and realistic rattling sounds with maximum, unrestricted volume.

The Flextone Bone Bag can be operated with a single hand to simulate the light sparring of young bucks early in the season, or two-handed to mimic aggressive, mature buck fights during the pre-rut and primary rut periods. The Bone Bag features an extended cord that can hang from the neck, a tree branch, tree stand, arm or belt loop for easy access.
Flextone Bone Bag
Easier to carry and transport than rattling antlers
Mesh bag for added volume
Oak/Maple sticks for loud and realistic tones
Draw cord for secure fit and easy attachment
Model #:  FG-DEER-00071
UPC Each:  8-15097-00984-9
MSRP: $9.99
Flextone’s new Bone Bag is the most versatile and convenient rattling option a hunter can carry into the woods. From light, early-season sparring to full-on clashes between mature monster bucks, the Bone Bag easily creates the loud and realistic antler sounds that attract the attention of all deer and bring big bucks running. This fight is already in the bag.

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