2017 Fall Hunting Gear Guide

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 Aug 16th, 2017 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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2017 Fall Hunting Gear Guide


Great new gear for the hunting season that’s almost here


Minneapolis, MN (August 16, 2017) – As technology improves, consumers win; manufacturers are rolling out a variety of all-new products for hunters that do more and do it better than ever before, and at prices that reflect high levels of competition in the marketplace.


Our must-have list of products for the 2017 hunting season contains gear that performs dutifully at prices hunters can afford. Many of these products are best-in-class category leaders, and several are manufactured right here in the USA.



General Hunting Accessories



Whether you hunt turkeys, waterfowl, deer or other big game, your human face is your most recognizable feature, and it’s cause for immediate alarm when viewed by almost any wild animal. Wildgame Innovations’ new VANISH Concealment Combo is a premium, multi-hunt-ready personal concealment system containing 2 oz. of matte black face paint and 20 gentle, pre-moistened removal wipes. The non-greasy water-based paint formula won’t clog pores, and is shine-free, smudge proof, rain and sweat resistant, fast drying and completely odorless. MSRP is $12.99. Learn more at WildgameInnovations.com.




Experienced ground blind hunters will tell you that game is extremely forgiving of most ground blinds – as long as they don’t shine or flap in the breeze. Ameristep’s all-new Supernatural Blind kills the shine and blends into any landscape with a new Natureshell™​ natural fiber exterior fabric, Realtree Xtra camouflage and organically shaped window openings. MSRP is $249.99. Learn more at Ameristep.com.






Miscalculated distance-to-target is the most common reason hunters miss when they pull the trigger or release an arrow. With a range of up to 450 yards, Halo’s XL450 Laser Rangefinder uses Angle Intelligence technology to compensate for uphill or downhill shots and quickly provide an adjusted distance readout between the hunter and his or her target that’s accurate to +/- one yard. MSRP is $99.99. Learn more at HaloOptics.com.





Hunters need a special place to store, transport and protect their most valuable gear, and Plano’s new Field Locker Waterproof Ammo Box is just the ticket. Certified by an accredited test facility as meeting military specifications for immersion, dust, vibration and transit drop per MIL-STD-810G, these totally waterproof and extremely durable gear cases share the same familiar architecture and interior dimensions as Plano’s popular Model 1612 Ammo Box. MSRP is $74.99. Learn more at PlanoMolding.com.







Wildgame Innovations’ new Silent Crush Cam 20 models capture consistent, high-quality images in all lighting conditions using separate, dedicated cameras with optimized components for peak daytime and nighttime performance. Best of all, these remarkable new cameras do it all in complete and total silence. MSRP is $149.99 – $159.99 depending on flash type. Learn more at WildgameInnovations.com.



Hunting Packs



Providing 2,000 total cubic inches of storage in eight pockets and compartments, the TX 15 is a right-sized hunting daypack available in either Realtree Xtra or Kryptek Highlander camouflage. The pack is a top-loading design with the added functionality of dual side zippers, which provides fast access to any items stored inside the main compartment. A unique trampoline-style suspension system keeps the pack away from the back for increased airflow and wearer comfort. The adjustable waist belt is removable, and the ergonomic padded shoulder harness and included sternum strap are also fully adjustable to ensure an optimal fit with any load. The TX 15 is fully H2O compatible, readily accepting Tenzing’s two- or three-liter hydration bladders. Like all Tenzing packs, the new TX 15 is constructed from the finest available materials, and is backed by the company’s Limited Lifetime Guarantee. MSRP is just $129.99. Learn more at TenzingOutdoors.com.



Hunting Apparel



ScentLok’s all-new Full Season Taktix Jacket and Pant represent the ultimate whitetail hunting apparel. Available in totally distinct men’s and women’s versions, Full Season Taktix features proven Carbon Alloy odor adsorption to neutralize the three pillars of human odor and a superhydrophobic NeverWet treatment that permanently protects hunters from water and rain without stiff and noisy waterproof membranes. Inside, Taktix employs advanced internal moisture wicking to keep hunters dry and comfortable. In addition to this trifecta of unique features, ScentLok upped the ante with Full Season Taktix to deliver additional touches like a deadly quiet micro tricot outer fabric, low-bulk wrists that won’t interfere with a bow hunter’s release, technical overlay color panels, 13 easy-access pockets, and a harness opening to keep stinky fall restraint gear enveloped inside the jacket’s Carbon Alloy barrier. Better whitetail-hunting clothing simply does not exist. This extraordinary new apparel is priced for any hunter at just $149 per piece, is available in four of today’s top camo patterns, and comes in women’s sizes XS – 2XL and men’s sizes S – 3XL. Learn more at ScentLok.com.



Archery Accessories



No Limit Archery’s unbelievably smooth Magnetiks Multi-Digit Trigger Release features ZERO Creep Trigger (ZCT) Technology. Instead of springs and tension screws, new ultra crisp Magnetiks release models employ an adjustable magnet system to control trigger tension. The result is a silky smooth, safe and reliable trigger that eliminates trigger punch and results in increased, repeatable accuracy. Available in anodized aluminum (MSRP $99.99) or composite (MSRP $79.99) construction. Learn more at NoLimitArchery.com.





Bloodsport’s new 100-grain Gravedigger Extreme broadheads retain the notorious reliability and unmatched accuracy of the original Gravedigger, but extend the cutting diameter of the fixed blades from 1 inch to 1.25 inches, while increasing the cutting diameter of the cross-opening, curved mechanical blades from 1.75 inches to 2.25 inches. Available in cut-on-contact or chisel point designs ideal for both compounds and crossbows, no-fail Gravedigger Extreme broadheads require no fidgety rubber bands or O-rings that are easily lost or broken. Instead, they employ Bloodsport’s patented Blade Retention System to control deployment of the mechanical cutting blades inside the target. A small, threaded set pin controls the tension on the expanding blades, affording the hunter full control and adjustability based on arrow velocity and the particular game being hunted. MSRP: $39.99 for a 3-pack. Learn more at BloodsportArchery.com.




Plano’s upgraded Pro SE Bow Case features a slick new exterior look and improved strapping and tie-down systems that offer additional versatility for a wider array of equipment while providing extra strength, security and ease-of-use. It easily secures any fully loaded quiver into the case’s lid without the need for an additional bracket or mount and comes complete with Plano’s versatile model 112500 Arrow Max Case – a sleek, hard-sided arrow box that holds and protects six fully dressed arrows, broadheads and other accessories – secured snuggly inside the lid. MSRP: $109.99. Learn more at PlanoMolding.com.






Barnett’s new Whitetail Hunter II and Lady Whitetail Hunter crossbows are designed and built in the USA to do more and do it better than anything else out there at an affordable price below $400. Featuring fast-handling lightweight stocks, custom composite laminated limbs and compact overall dimensions, these fast and nimble crossbows produce speeds up to 350 fps with an easy-cocking 150-pound draw weight. These high-performance models come complete with everything needed to hunt (except broadheads), and are assembled with a single bolt right out of the box. MSRP: $399.99. Learn more at BarnettCrossbows.com.



Deer Hunting



Deer hunters looking to carry a single deer call into the woods need look no further than Flextone’s new Buck Collector Plus with Tru-Touch Buttons. The Buck Collector Plus quickly and accurately produces all known deer vocalizations through one killer deer call. Its soft, flexible body and mouthpiece allow for easy manipulation that leads to instant changes in tone, volume and inflection while making any highly realistic deer sound that might be necessary to fool a mature buck. MSRP: $17.99. Learn more at FlextoneGameCalls.com.





Made with 100-percent pure whitetail doe-in-estrus urine captured and packaged at the peak of freshness, Wildgame Innovations’ Wild Estrus BURST is a highly effective aerosol attractant that will command the full attention of any buck that smells it. Useful all season long, Wild Estrus BURST is especially effective during the pre-rut and rut periods when bucks are actively seeking does by creating a powerful airborne vapor trail of estrus doe scent. Wild Estrus BURST is fueled by Wildgame Innovations’ new Airborne Technology, which employs proprietary mixing processes to suspend up to 600% more super-potent scent molecules in vapor form, allowing more scent to be carried farther than ever before. Contains Glo-Cote for enhanced visual attraction. MSRP: $12.99. Learn more at WildgameInnovations.com.




Predator Hunting


Powered by the high-performance 12-micron pixel pitch FLIR Boson™ thermal camera core, FLIR’s all-new ThermoSight Pro PTS233 Thermal Weapon Sight sets a new standard in thermal image quality and features for the serious hog, predator or varmint hunter. The made-in-the-USA FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS233 delivers smaller, lighter optics with increased image performance and range. Featuring on-chip video processing and an uncompressed video signal fed directly to a high-definition 1280×960 display, the FLIR ThermoSight Pro Series offers improved object detection and classification in the field and clean thermal imagery in any light – from low contrast daylight to total darkness – or through smoke, haze and light fog. The 19 mm ThermoSight Pro PTS233 offers a 4x digital zoom, 12-degree FOV, 320×256 thermal resolution, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB-C connectivity, user-controlled imaging palettes, image enhancement filters, a digital compass and inclinometer. Onboard recording allows for the internal storage of up to two hours of video or 1,000 JPEG images. MSRP is just $2,199. Learn more at FLIR.com/OTS.




Upland Hunting


Tenzing’s performance-oriented TZ UC17 Upland Chaps are designed for action with fully articulated knees that move the way hunters move, without binding or pinching. Multi-location belt straps feature independent length adjustments for a customized fit on any hunter’s unique physique. Constructed of lightweight yet durable rip-stop cotton with tough, strategically placed 500D nylon brush panels, Tenzing’s new Upland Chaps feel extremely light and airy, while offering uncompromising protection against abrasion and moisture. Available in two sizes to accommodate most hunters, the new TZ TC17 Upland Chaps feature the highest quality threads, zippers, pulls and hardware, along with a pair of highly functional, zippered front pockets and are backed by Tenzing’s Limited Lifetime Guarantee. MSRP: $99.99-$109.99. Learn more at TenzingOutdoors.com.




Waterfowl Hunting




Zink’s all-new Rocker Series Duck and Goose Calls consist of the Greenhead Rocker double reed duck call (MSRP $140), Green Top Rocker single reed duck call (MSRP $140) and Long Neck Rocker Canada goose call (MSRP $160). Available in 12 colors, these extremely versatile all acrylic calls are the result of the finest materials, superior design, and state-of-the-art manufacturing by passionate waterfowl hunters and craftsmen right here in the USA. These custom calls are hand-tuned and come complete with an instructional DVD, Zink leg band and extra reeds in a hard, protective case. Learn more at ZinkCalls.com.







Available in both painted (AXP Model / MSRP $129.99 per six) and fully flocked (AXF Model / MSRP $159.99 per six) versions, Avian-X’s Canada Goose Sleeper Shells perfectly portray sleeping or resting geese. Molded from Avian-X’s advanced rubberized material and finished with incredibly realistic paint that will not chip, their deep relief and detail result in the spot-on realism that Avian-X is known for – a one-piece stackable decoy that is nearly impossible to discern from the real thing. These space-saving decoys complete the ultimate, highly compelling spread. Learn more at Avian-X.com.


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