FLEXTONE: Ahhh… Freak Out!

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 Feb 5th, 2016 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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New Roads, LA (February 4, 2016) – Calling turkeys is an integral part of turkey hunting, and is as old as the sport itself. When the first Native Americans started to hunt these birds, they observed favorable responses from well-timed yelps, cutts, clucks and purrs. They used their mouths and “bone flutes” made from turkey wing-bones to finish turkeys in their laps for easy kills.

As turkey calls evolved, the modern diaphragm became the go-to call for many avid hunters. While most expert turkey hunters know that different days call for different options, the vast majority of them will use a diaphragm much of the time. Turkey diaphragms have a reputation for being a little more difficult to master and, sadly, many hunters avoid them due to this ill-founded reputation. While diaphragms may take a little time to figure out, once they are used proficiently no other call is as versatile or foolproof.

With all the options out there, it’s nice to know that some diaphragm calls are easier to blow than others. Whether you’re new to mouth calls or simply appreciate killer calls that are easy to use, there’s a Flextone Game Calls diaphragm to fit your needs. For 2016, the master turkey hunters at Flextone took two of their top-performing and easy-to-blow diaphragm calls – the Funky Hen and the Dirty Mouth – and packaged them up as the NEW Freak Out 2-Pack – a killer combination that any turkey hunter should have in his or her vest.


The double-reed Funky Hen sports two different reed thicknesses with precise “V” cuts. The “V” cut is without question one of the most reliable styles of diaphragm that savvy turkey hunters rely on season after season to bring long-spurred toms running. The result is a call that breaks over easily, creating seductive yelps, clucks and purrs, but still has enough backbone to deliver louder and more aggressive cutts.

Need to turn up the freak factor? The Dirty Mouth has thicker double reeds sporting dual split cuts at each end. This call requires minimal airflow and delivers soft whines, purrs, clucks and early morning tree yelps. Like the gal over in the corner waiting for somebody to boogie with, the Dirty Mouth is quiet and unassuming. She whines, purrs and clucks softly. But now she’s moving towards the dance floor. By increasing tongue pressure on the Dirty Mouth, callers can easily turn up the volume. Damp pots and soggy strikers? Don’t bother. The Dirty Mouth produces sick tree-yelps that will have roosted studs changing their flight plans, directly. You know what they say: It’s the quiet ones you’ve got to watch. So when it’s time to take things from meek to freak, the Dirty Mouth plays his favorite song – hoisting its freak flag high with a “get on over here boy-eee!” fly-down cackle followed with sharp yelps and cutts.
Flextone Freak Out 2-Pack

    Model #:  FG-TURK-00107
    UPC:  8-15097-00954-2   
    Includes easy to blow Funky Hen
    Includes versatile Dirty Mouth
    Both calls create soft or aggressive Hen talk

MSRP: $9.99 

If easy-yet-versatile mouth calls are what you are looking for, look no further than Flextone’s affordable Freak Out 2-Pack. Both the Funky Hen and the Dirty Mouth deliver soft and seductive yelps, clucks and purrs, as well as loud and aggressive cutts, cackles and yelps – a versatile repertoire that is sure to have any gobbler showing his freak side.

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