Energize Your Hunting Journey: How Music Can Increase Motivation Levels

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 Dec 5th, 2019 by Keith Worrall 

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Energize Your Hunting Journey: How Music Can Increase Motivation Levels

There’s nothing quite like a favorite song playing through your headphones or blasting on your car radio to get you energized to the max. Getting pumped up for your hunting trip starts in the car.
You can learn more about how motivational music gives hunters a positive mindset below. When you’ve finished reading, you’ll never take a hunting trip in silence again! Now, there’s no bias to a certain genre, most of the songs are usually associated with benefits such as positive mood changes and ultimately raising the mental state to a sort of self-confidence ‘posture’.

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The Science Behind Motivation, Mindset, & amp; Music

There is something about upbeat songs to which the mind and body respond. The physical reaction is obvious: our heads nod, our fingers snap, and if the beat is powerful, our fists pump. The mental reaction to music is more subtle but happens all the same. Research conducted at Northwestern University’s Auditory Neuroscience Lab showed that after listening to music recognized by the brain as positive and motivational, the test subjects had a better outlook on the future in general. The test subjects were also more prone to see the best in others and cooperate better as a team.

Even if your hunting expedition is going to be a solo one, listening to certain songs in the car on your journey will set the mood for you to be focused and optimistic about the day ahead. You may even have success instantly, but make sure to use the tools like deer hunting blinds to cement your catch.

Just for fun, the top eight best songs to increase motivation levels when setting out on a hunting trip can be found on our list. The kicker is that we will also put a song with a negative impact next to the upbeat tunes. You don’t have to listen to the de-energizing music on your journey, but it will serve as a good comparison.

Europe: The Final Countdown

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t recognize the striking chords that make up the intro to this powerful tune. If you didn’t hear this Europe song blasting out of every party during the millennial new year countdown, then you must’ve been hunting polar bears in the Arctic Circle!

The Final Countdown can energize a journey to your favorite hunting grounds by waking everyone up. There is often a slump between that first early morning cup of coffee at home and pouring out the next one from the flask in the car. Play Countdown, and you won’t need that next cup of coffee – guaranteed. Negative impact song: Europe – Carrie

AC/DC: Thunderstruck
Solo hunting trip, hunting as a group, it doesn’t matter when you hear the guitar solo that opens Thunderstruck, you will join in when the Aah-ah-ah starts. Just be sure to keep an eye on the speedometer when this song really kicks in, you might be speeding and not even realize it.

This is one of those tunes that cause listeners to shout out in protest if anyone tries to turn the volume down halfway through the song. You have to follow this music through to the very end. Negative impact song: AC/DC – Ride On

Guns N’ Roses: Welcome to the Jungle Jungle

outdoors, hunting fields, who cares? Just as long as this song plays in the car on your journey there, everyone will feel their blood rise and an appetite for the day’s hunting set in.

Because this song is referring to the concrete jungle – the one that most people are trapped in every day – the anticipation of knowing you are leaving bricks and mortar behind and heading for the great wide open will raise anyone’s spirits. Negative impact song: Guns N’ Roses – Don’t Cry Tom Petty: Free Falling The YouTube clip with Tom Cruise hitting the steering wheel when he hears this song really says it all: Sometimes you need to rock out to celebrate success. Tom Petty’s Free Falling will forever be associated in our minds with optimism, celebration, and driving happy. You can be sure that the mindset provided by this song will continue into the field.
Negative impact song: Okay – it’s hard to find a Tom Petty song that doesn’t uplift the soul in some way, but you could perhaps stick ‘Don’t Come Around Here No More’ in this category.

Bachman Turner Overdrive: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

BTO can shake things up when they hit the playlist. They were hugely successful for so long because the songs they play hit home hard. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet has a rolling beat and forceful vocals that make the fingers tap on the steering wheel.

If someone is nodding off back to sleep on your hunting journey, crank up the volume on some BTO. Negative impact song: Randy Bachman wrote American Woman when he was in The Guess Who band. It’s a bit of a downer.

Survivor: Eye of the Tiger

When you watch Survivor in the Eye of the Tiger video, you sense that they are men with a mission, and nothing is going to stop them from achieving their goal. The band members recall getting answer phone messages from Sylvester Stallone saying he enjoyed the driving force of the song and wanted to put it on his upcoming movie: Rocky III.

This song makes you feel like you can do anything – with or without the eye of the tiger. Negative impact song: Survivor – Ever Since the World Began

Heart: Barracuda

There’s something about the pounding drumbeat and angry vocals in Heart’s hit song Barracuda that just makes a crowd pump fists in the air in unison. This tune has motivated people to move faster, listen harder, and run quicker for over 40 years. That’s got to be record right there. Negative impact song: Heart – How Do I Get You Alone?

Journey: Don’t Stop Believing

Whatever you do, don’t accidentally download one of the lame cover versions of this powerful song. The lyrics make you feel like you can achieve anything so long as you put your mind to it.

The famous Journey song might be associated with overly emotional MOR (Middle of the Road) rock music now, but don’t let this put you off gaining inspiration from the driving beat. Negative impact song: Journey – Who’s Crying Now?

Best Country Songs to Energize Your Hunting Journey

You’re heading out into the country, so it makes total sense to have a few energizing country songs on the playlist too.

1. Trace Adkins: Rough and Ready
No one can resist snapping their fingers to the fastest tempo in country music provided by man’s man, Trace Adkins.

2. Big and Rich: Save a Horse
One of the most fun, most energizing songs you can play to wake up sleepy passengers.

3. John Denver: Rocky Mountain High
The late, super-talented John Denver certainly knew how write a good song. Rocky Mountain High elevates the spirits and makes you excited to be heading straight for the outdoors. It’s mellow, but still very motivational.

Would you Play this List on Your Hunting Trip?
Musical preferences differ wildly from person to person. What some see as greatness can have someone else thinking of nails scraping a chalkboard. Our playlist contains a wide range of oldies (but hopefully goodies). What music would you play to motivate your next hunting trip? What songs would you play if your grandfather and son were in the car traveling with you? Music can make us happy. But, play the wrong kind of tunes in your car and you could be facing a mutiny when your journey is over. Hopefully the songs on this list keep everyone in a cheerful mood, and you have good hunting when you reach your destiny.

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