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 May 17th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

Modified May 17th, 2020 at 11:23 AM

Missouri Elk Application Period Open

Elk were extirpated from Missouri in the mid-1800s. Market and subsistence hunting were their demise. The state’s restoration efforts began in 2011. Now, for the first time ever, Missouri is having an elk season. There are five tags available to Missouri residents only. One is a landowner tags for someone with property in the elk zone. It’s $10 to apply and you do so on the MDC website. Good luck to all the applicants, who are participating in this historic conservation achievement.

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Podcast Episode 37: Missouri’s First Elk Season

Missouri’s First Ever Elk Hunting Season: MDC Elk Biologist Aaron Hildreth

Listen now on all podcasting platforms or here: http://driftwoodoutdoors.com/…/ep-37-missouris-first-ever-…/

Brandon Butler and Nathan Shags McLeod talk with Missouri Dept. of Conservation’s Elk Biologist Aaron Hildreth about everything Elk including the historic Elk hunting season in Missouri this fall.

Topics discussed: Missouri’s elk history; elk hunting seasons; elk application; tag lottery; regulations; elk locations; elk reintroduction; Peck Ranch; bio-security; migration; mountain lions; bears; Tom Cruise; NASA; mystery bait bucket; gear review and more.

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Finding a Place to Hunt Before it’s Too Late

Turkey season just ended and deer season doesn’t start for five months. This is the window of time you have to find your next great piece of hunting property. It may not happen the first time you ask. You may have to earn it. Five months gives you plenty of time to do so…continue reading

The Big Book of Wildlife & Nature Photography

Russell Graves is one of the foremost wildlife photographers in the business today. If you want to see what beautiful, professional photographs looks like, and learn how to take them yourself, you need to check out Russell’s new digital book – The Big Book of Wildlife and Nature Photography.

This work of art ranges from technical advice for beginning photographers to practical advice for the more advanced practitioner and draws on the author’s years spent in the field and observing wildlife up-close. Readers will learn everything from the best gear package to carry for their outdoor excursions to advanced techniques like using technology to scout animals. In addition, there are case studies on how photos were made, practical advice on gear and equipment, and tips on setting up your own wildlife photography locations.

In all there are:
60,000+ words
300+ photos with technical info
3-1/2+ hours of video

That’s what I call it the Big Book.

There are two versions of the PDF ebook:

1. The Standard Version (bear cover) covers a range of wildlife and nature photography topics.

2. The Outdoorsman Edition (elk cover) has all of the info the standard edition has but I’ve included a bonus chapter for those who want to better capture their hunting and fishing adventures.

Both are priced at $14.99 each and you can find them at https://www.russellgraves.com/p/books

As a bonus, those who purchase the book will receive a coupon code for 10% off any Backcountry Journeys Photo Adventures trip (valued up to a $1,900 discount).

Whether you are a hardcore photographer just like cool pictures of nature, be sure to pick this up.

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