DECKED Pickup Storage Systems Built in USA

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 Jul 3rd, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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KETCHUM, IDAHO – DECKED, manufacturers of full-sized pickup truck bed storage systems, announced that after six months of availability, they continue to support job creation and domestic manufacturing by building the entire DECKED system in the United States. The deck, drawers and “ammo cans” of the system are manufactured at a plant in Williams County, Ohio. The DECKED Headquarters is located in Ketchum, Idaho, and several jobs have been created in both locations.

Other components of the system like the powder coated, cast aluminum handles, brushed aluminum edge guard and I-beam plate are also manufactured at various locations around the country. Additionally, the entire system was engineered to meet strict load bearing requirements and fit standards by Altair Product Design, an engineering firm in Detroit. The DECKED system became available to truck owners mid-January and can now be found in more than 175 select dealers across the country. The DECKED system is also available for immediate purchase on their website.

“One of the things that we were very passionate about when we started DECKED was to make sure it was made in the USA. With so much manufacturing outside of the United States, we knew we could achieve the best quality and price by investing in the country and making our products right here on American soil,” said Scott Mavis, Vice President of Marketing for DECKED. “We were confident when we started this project that we could build a product that was competitively priced, met our strict quality standards and overall, be a better product that would surpass anything manufactured out of the country. We also understand that many truck owners are loyal to products made in the U.S so we wanted to meet their standards as well.”

In addition to being manufactured in the United States, the DECKED system also uses 100 percent recycled HDPE for the deck, drawers and ammo cans, and approximately 90 percent recycled steel for the subframe that is molded into the deck. A series of lateral steel tubes are molded into the deck which helps it achieve a 2,000 pound load rating for cargo. The environmentally friendly HDPE drawers are engineered to each carry 200 pounds of cargo.


Headquartered in Ketchum, Idaho, DECKED LLC. designs and builds full-size truck bed storage systems. Manufactured in the US, the DECKED system increases the functionality and secure weatherproof storage capabilities for pickup truck owners. DECKED is available from a variety of dealers throughout the country and online through their website. For more information about DECKED, their products and company, or to find a dealer near you, please visit www.DECKED.com.

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