Blindspot 360: Never Get Blindsided Again!

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 Sep 20th, 2018 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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There are multitudes of trail cameras available to purchase at a variety of online and brick-and-mortar (traditional store) locations. Just search the internet and you’ll find plenty of examples. So what, you say? Well, the creative team at Whitetail’R Products have delivered something different in the world of cameras for the serious hunter and fan of viewing game live in their natural environment. This product is named the BlindSPOT 360. The difference here is it is not a traditional trail camera, it’s a live feed camera that you can use with your Apple or Android device.


Instead of one static viewpoint from your camera that you need to record and and download, the BlindSPOT 360 gives you the ability for a 360-degree view from a live feed. This allows you to be aware of that giant buck working your favorite game trail, or whatever species you want to get your eyes on.

Actual Blindspot 360 Image
Scott Matheson from Whitetail’R shared a little insight into why his team came up with this innovative device.
“We always try and solve problems at Whitetail’R,” said Matheson. “About two years ago, I was in my treestand and a mature buck came close by. I had never seen him come into the area with traditional trail cameras, and when he showed up, I wasn’t able to get into position to take shot at him. I didn’t have time to reposition.
“So the next time I was together with the peer group at Whitetail’R, we talked about how we can solve this type of problem for hunters. We brainstormed and came up with a 360-degree camera concept, and then put our minds to what we needed to make it happen.
“We MacGyvered around a while, and then found a gentleman who builds optics and looked into tech from other industries and the next thing you know we have a camera. It’s a live camera you can operate with your handheld device while in the field. It has a camouflage covering, so the game doesn’t react negatively to it. You can place it almost anywhere thanks to its twist-lock mounting system, ideal for both metal and wood surfaces.
“We’re just getting started with this lineup of icuCAM cameras. We are always on the endless search for perfection as hunter innovators driven to make products that matter.”
The BlindSPOT 360 is available at a variety of retail outlets. For more information, check out the camera and the other products Whitetail’R has to offer at Whitetailr.com.

                        For more information please visit www.whitetailr.com!

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