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 Nov 19th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Tips presents free, seasonal how-to advice from Larry Whiteley, host of the award-winning Outdoor World Radio show. Each weekly tip offers practical advice to improve your skills.

Tips offered for December include:

* How to Hunt Bucks After the Rut: Dominant bucks may be more wary and move only at night so stay later than usual, be aware of your scent and sounds you make. The trick during this time of year is to hunt the food sources because that is typically where does will be and where there are does, you will find bucks.
* Stay Warm When Temperatures Drop: Keep the cold temperatures from ruining your fun this hunting season by always carrying hand or foot warmers that are environmentally friendly and get the job done.
* Strategies for Late Season Bucks: Still haven’t taken that big buck?  Try something new – a new spot or a new technique – but most of all don’t give up.
* How Not to Have a Hard Time on Ice: Even as the cold sets in, some of your best fishing spots could still be hot.  Go back to some of your favorite shoals, humps, and reefs and try to get your lure slightly above the fish for best results.
* Get Out for Winter Wildlife Watching:  There are many state and federal parks or wildlife areas near you that are full of things to see and hear during winter. Decreased vegetation in the winter months makes it easier to see deer, wild turkey, waterfowl, rabbits, birds and other mammals such as fox and coyotes so get out and enjoy the wonders of winter wildlife.

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