#1 Buck Bed Location To Hunt

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 Aug 26th, 2019 by sworrall 

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#1 Buck Bed Location To Hunt
Whitetail Habitat Solutions

The best way to copy the #1 buck bed location is to find out why he is there in the first place – and it likely isn’t the habitat! Bucks bed by positioning and not necessarily the type of habitat. After does and fawns choose their location and then immature bucks, the oldest bucks in the neighborhood often take what’s left over. While the location a buck chooses for his bedding area may or may not feature the best habitat, you can bet it will include the best position to stay away from not only the rest of the herd, but from you. Instead if scouting for the habitat that a buck chooses to bed in, try choosing the best habitat within the best location that you discover he should position him self in. Then, you will find not only a great location for a big ole buck to bed in, but a great spot to you to hunt him in.


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