A closer look at the 2019 deer season – North Dakota

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 May 21st, 2019 by Keith Worrall  357

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The 2019 North Dakota deer season is set. Before we get into the details let’s take a look back at 2018

2018 North Dakota deer season

●55,150 deer gun licenses were available last year. Overall hunter success was 64 percent, with each hunter spending an average of 4.4 days in the field.

●Hunter success for both antlered and antlerless white-tailed deer was 64 percent.

●Mule deer buck hunter success was 81 percent, and antlerless mule deer was 83 percent.

●A record 28,824 archery licenses (26,318 resident, 2,506 nonresident) were issued in 2018. In total, 22,666 bow hunters harvested 8,914 deer (7,927 whitetails, 987 mule deer), for a success rate of 39 percent.

North Dakota’s 2019 deer season

●65,500 licenses available to hunters this fall, 10,350 more than last year.

●Antlered mule deer licenses increased by 450 from last year.

● Antlerless mule deer by 700.

●Antlered whitetail by 700.

● Antlerless whitetail by 1,250.

● “Any antlered” by 3,150.

● “Any antlerless” by 4,100.

●Muzzleloader licenses increased by 184

●Restricted youth antlered mule deer licenses increased by 45.

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