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 Aug 27th, 2019 by Keith Worrall  619

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We’re coming out with an extensive lineup of soft plastic lures geared towards a variety of techniques and situations.

The Salmo Walleye Shad has a large baitfish profile with a wide paddle tail that gives it an agressive swimming action. As the name implies, these baits excel for walleye, and come in the perfect sizes, 3 and 4 inch.

The Salmo Spikey Shad features an extremely unique spike design that gives off micro vibrations in the water. These spikes also allow you to add scents onto the lure that will hold on much longer than a traditional soft plastic.

The Salmo Slick Shad features a thin profile that allows you to cut currents much more efficiently when vertical jigging. It also features back and belly slots that allow it to be texas rigged for weedless presentations. With the extremely soft plastic design, the Slick Shad has an incredible swimming action with even the slightest movement.

The Salmo Dropshot Fry is unique hybrid between a hair jig and a soft plastic. It features a bouyant body and micorfiber tail that gives it an action unlike anything else. Ideal for dropshot tactics but it can also be jighead mounted.

All of these new Salmo Soft Plastics have been proven in Europe with countless trophy Zander and Perch caught on them. And now we’re bringing them to the U.S. for the first time!

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