RTD Rod Threading Device Ready for Show and Sell

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RTD Rod Threading Device Ready for Show and Sell
at 2019 Bassmaster Classic

FORT WORTH, Texas (March 12, 2019) – Erupt Fishing, makers of the innovative RTD Rod Threading Device that threads line through rod guides quick and easy, will be demonstrating and selling the tool at show-special pricing from its booth (#4029) at the 2019 Bassmaster Classic Expo in Knoxville, Tennessee, March 15-17.

During the expo, the RTD will sell at the promotional price of $25 each. The special offer and on-site availability give attendees a chance to save several dollars on the tool and leave the show with the product in hand. RTD’s normal retail price is $29.99. The company will also have its branded headgear available for purchase, too.

“Thousands of RTDs have been sold throughout the U.S. and abroad in the short time since our launch late last year and the feedback from users has been humbling,” said Patrick Marchese, inventor of the multi-patented product. “Anglers of all skill levels, ranging from top-touring bass professionals to beginning fishermen owning their first rod and reel, are finding the tool delivers as promised in solving one of fishing’s most frustrating processes – feeding line through rod guides.

“Since we are so new in the market, finding RTD locally has been a challenge for many interested anglers in some areas, but our presence at the Classic will solve that for a lot of folks. Plus, everyone gets to see demos in using it from some of the best anglers in the sport.”

RTD’s guiding module self-centers the device to position the bobbin with line through each guide as the tool is advanced the length of the rod.

The invention by Erupt Fishing eliminates the most common headaches associated with rigging line on a rod, including accidentally losing the end and watching the line fall out of all the guides, mistakenly running line through the guide’s frame or missing a guide altogether. RTD also helps overcome rigging hardships caused by foul weather, poor dexterity or hampered vision.

Fishing celebrity Dave Mercer and pro angler Kelly Jordon have been involved with RTD’s development from the start, but many of fishing’s best-known names are now also using the product, including television show host and tournament pro Tim Horton.

“There’s no telling who you’ll see in our Erupt Fishing booth at the Classic,” Jordon said. “We’ll have several pros stopping by throughout. Regardless, I can assure you I’ll welcome the opportunity to personally demonstrate the RTD and show you how I use it to string several rods in no time at all.”

The RTD is lightweight and about the size of a 15-stick pack of chewing gum, making it handy to hold and convenient to keep in a tackle box tray. To use it, the angler attaches the end of the line to the RTD’s bobbin with just a tug to cinch and hold it; no knot is used. Then the unit’s guiding module provides a self-centering alignment over each guide as the RTD is advanced, feeding the bobbin and line through each one along the way.

RTD works with most traditional rod guides, including on casting, spinning and fly rods, and threads even the longest of rods in mere seconds. It does not work with micro guides at this time.

Every RTD comes with two interchangeable guiding modules of differing channel widths. The rod’s largest guide determines which module to use. A spare bobbin is also included in each package.

Introducing the Rod Threading Device



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