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Bottom Bouncer Walleyes on a Budget

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Published on Aug 3, 2019
Classic deep structure walleye fishing with bottom bouncers and spinners. Shake down some tips on finding and catching walleyes during the dog days of summer. This presentation is solid right now on so many fisheries that see walleye relating to big prominent pieces of structure in twenty to thirty five feet of water… especially when fishing through a lot of rock.

We discovered a new gem this summer just north and east of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Q Lake Lodge is a fairly easy to reach drive-to destination that is really affordable yet offers quality fishing. Provides access for Quesnel Lake, Manigotagan Lakes with a portage to Happy Lake. We found great walleye fishing for abundant fish that ranged from 17 to 26 inches but there are many Master Angler walleyes caught from this system each year. Also quietly one of Manitoba’s best smallmouth bass fisheries.

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