Big Water Trolling – Lindner’s Angling Edge

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 Mar 17th, 2021 by Keith Worrall  28

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Angling is often a game of efficiency based on the location of your target species.

Walleye are one of those fish that often roam over vast flats and lake basins—searching for forage.

This open water pattern occurs from late spring throughout summer in many lakes across the north country. Walleyes can be found relating to the bottom and suspended somewhere in between — depending on the forage location.

When walleyes spread out, classic walleye techniques like rigging and jigging tactics are not the top option. Trolling is unquestionably the best tactic that enables you to duplicate a specific depth level and simultaneously comb lots of water. In these conditions, spinner rigs and crankbaits shine to put large walleye in the boat.


Jeff Simpson and Ty Sjodin bust out on giant Lake of the Woods, chasing big-water walleyes with planer boards.

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