Top Ten Reasons to Book a Thrilling Charter Trip on Lake of the Woods

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 May 28th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

Modified May 28th, 2020 at 11:42 AM

Want to plan a trip to Lake of the Woods but you don’t know the lake, are a novice fisherman, or want something family friendly? A charter launch trip is an awesome solution to all your worries. Here are the TOP TEN reasons to book a thrilling charter trip when you visit Lake of the Woods.

1So easy to have a Thrilling Charter Trip on LOW. Whether you have family that needs a little extra guidance, a novice angler yourself, or just really want to be on vacation and not worry about a thing; charter fishing is the way to go. Guides and their resort take care of you all day from when the boat leaves at 8 from the dock, until after hours when they even clean the fish for you if that is what you choose. Families with children, guys and girls get-aways, even those with special requests love the luxuries of a charter boat.

2 Don’t know the lake like the back of your hand? No problem! Many anglers, even if they bring their own boat, will rent a charter for the day to get a feel for the lake and a “lay of the land,” if you will. Having a lake large enough to have charters can be a little unsettling to maneuver, but with a charter, it is one less worry.

3 Fish ANYWHERE on the lake. Thrilling Charter Trips are a smooth ride anywhere on Lake of the Woods or Rainy River. Mid summer, walleyes are very deep and charters travel across the lake to find fish with ease. Windy days they slip into the river for a sheltered day.

4 Jigging to Down Rigging. All types of fishing are welcome on a charter. Jigging and spinners in the spring and summer, to down rigging in the late summer and fall the options are endless. Pick your favorite method and set the hook!

5 BATHROOMS. Yes ladies, you read correctly! A “potty” is available in the lower deck of the charter when you just can’t hold it any longer.

6 All equipment is provided. This includes rods, reels, bait, life jackets and more to make fishing a breeze! When fishing on a charter you only have to ask your self 2 questions:

7 What should I wear and what should I eat?? Lunch is always an option on a charter trip. If you want to hit the water all day, choose a sack lunch including a sandwich, cookie, chips, and a pop made fresh that morning  so you never miss the bite. Option two is the Traditional Shore Lunch special to Lake of the Woods. A picnic made fresh of the morning’s catch cooked on shore with a million dollar view! To learn more about a shore lunch, read it HERE.

8 Large or mixed groups. Charter trip fishing is great for groups. Each boat can carry 6 passengers plus their guide, plenty of opportunity for lots of limits! If you are a smaller group of two or three or four, that works also.

9 Always on the fish! With over 50 resorts on Lake of the Woods, licensed charter trip captains are always on the move to find the day’s hot spot. An entire system keeps these guides in communication so that no one has a bad day. Some resorts are so confident you will find fish, they offer a money back guarantee!

10 The American Plan. It has never been so easy to plan a vacation. The American Plan is an all-in-one package that includes your stay (cabin or room), charter rental, and even your meals if you so choose! No one wants to mess around with multiple bills, with the American plan you pay one package amount, show up… and the rest is history!

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