Take an Adult Fishing Tournament

 Jul 28th, 2011 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Take an Adult Crowd

This past Saturday, July 23rd, the 11th Annual “Take an Adult Fishing Tournament” was held at the Wilderness Fish and Game store in Sauk City, Wisconsin on the shore of the Wisconsin River. The purpose of the event is to provide a fun activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle and get young children together with their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, guardians, and friends in the outdoors. Fishing is the activity that is used to get families and friends together outdoors. This family-orientated event is the highlight of the summer for many children and families in the area.


    The rules of the tournament are simple; teams must follow all the state of Wisconsin rules and regulations. Teams may fish anywhere they choose as long as they returned by the 2:00 pm weigh-in. The teams met at the Wilderness store at 6:00 am for the check-in, a few words on the rules, when to return, and a prayer for safety while on the water. The weather was warm, but it didn’t rain though at times it looked bleak.

      There could be any number of participants on a team and each team needed to have an adult or guardian over 18 years accompany them. The event ended up 80 teams and over 200 entrants. Every team returned on time and some of the locations that teams fished were the Wisconsin River, Lake Wisconsin, Devils Lake, Fish Lake, Indian Lake, and Lake Delton.


The air temperature was in the upper 80’s and most of the local lakes and rivers had water temperatures over 80 degrees, but the children still caught lots of fish. The tournament had six fish categories; bass (both kinds), walleye/sauger, catfish, panfish, trout, and roughfish. Trophies and a rod and reel combo were given the first place winners and second place finishers also received a trophy. All teams received a “goodie bag” when they registered with fishing gear, DNR materials to read and look over, and a cap for the event.

There were many companies that helped make this event possible and some of them are; Frabill, Northland Tackle, Off Shore Tackle, Berkley, and the National Professional Anglers Association. The NPAA donated 50 rods/reels, 50 T-shirts, bobbers, and fishing books. Thanks much to the NPAA who helped make this great tournament even better! NPAA members who helped include; Wally Banfi (#815), Terry Frey (#132), Jim Kloth (#633), Tony Puccio (#2), and Gary Engberg (#184). I was the MC for the event and a had a chance to talk to the big crowd about the NPAA; who we are and what are some of the things that we do with children and future “pros”. The people were very receptive and sent there thanks for the big part that the NPAA played in their tournament!

Great Fishing!

        I said that the fishing was good and it was with a 4 pound plus smallmouth, a 3 pound walleye, a 1.2 pound bluegill, a 5 pound carp, and a 5 pound channel catfish. This is a fishing event that turns many kids on to fishing and after doing these events for many years one gets to know many of these kids. Children that at one time were afraid of touching a fish, now know how to “lip” them with the best, some who couldn’t cast are now hitting spots, and families that were lucky to sit down and eat together are now going fishing for a week in northern Wisconsin. Fishing is for kids and families, all you have to do is get them together.

Thanks NPAA!

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