Smoke Walleye With The Sling Shot

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 Nov 18th, 2014 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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From Off Shore Tackle pro J.P Bushey:

SMOKE WALLEYE WITH THE SLING SHOT–Rough seas are really common on many of fall’s popular walleye trolling fisheries: The Bay of Quinte, Lake Erie, Georgian Bay, Lake Michigan. Using Guppy Weights, OR12 Side Planers and crankbaits, I like to add extra action to my lines by tapping the surging motion of the boat as I move through the waves. Down-wind trolling really gets your boat and lures rocking and rolling.

To send extra starts, stops and surges to your lures, compress your whole trolling program. What does that mean? Basically, shorten up all of your distances. Rod tip to board, board to lure and especially, snap weight to lure. I troll with fifteen pound Maxima fluoro leaders that are about eight feet long and like attaching my weight right above the leader’s swivel.

Heavier weights will allow you to run less line behind the ‘board and rigging your weight closer to your lure really helps transmit all that extra motion from the boat lurching through the waves. If temperatures allow, braided line off your reel sends even more action down to your lures, because it doesn’t stretch or absorb any of the movement. Braids hold water and freeze fast when it’s really cold, though.

Shorter, heavier action rods also work well in the waves for jacking your lures around. I’ve found 8’ers to be very good. A shorter rod is also easier and safer to rig and handle in the boat when it’s rough out. Year after year, walleye in really cold water respond to crankbaits that ‘stumble’ through the water with plenty of stalls and surges. This is also a great time to fish spoons, all that extra action really gets them dancing. On rough days, I feel spoons are at their best. Try setting up your weights and boards like this the next time she’s blowing out. Walleye in water as cold as 37deg have lashed out at lures sling shotted for me. Guppy weights are easy to dial in, with their easy on/off releases and interchangeable sizes. You’ll have fun creating a productive trolling attack on days when some boats never get off the trailer.

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