National Walleye Tour Championship Day 1 – Follow Along Live

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 Oct 13th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Oct 13th, 2020 at 9:49 PM

The 2020 National Walleye Tour Championship, Day 1, will be hosted in the City of Huron, OH starting tomorrow, Wednesday, October 14th. Weigh in still start at 3pm and we ask that you follow along by watching our live coverage and live leaderboard, found at nationalwalleyetour.com or also by downloading the Outdoor Action TV app. Also follow Fish Huron Ohio NWT on Facebook for more information.

3 Boats will be awarded next week at the 2020 NWT Championship in Huron, OH!!

1st place PRO – 620FS Pro w/Mercury 250 valued at $75,995 + $15K = $90,995 total

2nd place PRO – 2080MS w/Mercury valued at $64,595

1st place CO will be fishing for a Ranger VS1882 w/Mercury 150 ProXS valued at $39K

Ranger Cup Contingency Payout:
1st place – Upgrade 621FS Pro
2nd place – Upgrade 620FS Pro
3rd place – $10,000
4th place – $5,000
5th place – $3,500

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