My Walleye Fishing Partner…If I Could Pick Anyone

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 Jun 19th, 2009 by OutdoorsFIRST 

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Over the years, every fisherman has probably thought about and maybe secretly wished he could go fishing with a famous guide.  Or, maybe jump in a pro’s boat, or join a TV show host who amazingly catches fish every week.  Well, the following fishing pros and anglers named the people they wanted to fish with.  It is the start of a very interesting list.  Who would you like to fish with and why?  Other Walleye First visitors would enjoy reading your comments on the Forum.

Todd Riley, Amery, WI.  “What a question!  There are a few guys I would like to fish with on certain bodies of water who could show me a new twist.  Over the years, we’ve all helped educate each other and the fishing public.  But to complement my tournament career, I would like to fish with one of the fore-fathers of walleye fishing – Gary Roach.  Spending a day in the boat with Gary would be a great experience and add another “credit” to my personal list of walleye achievements.”

Dave Van Oss, Appleton, WI.  “I would really enjoy fishing a day with Daryl Christensen, especially wherever the jig bite is going.  I would love to learn his tactics and why he does what he does and when and where.  I also know that he is the best jigging-spoon fisherman in the country, and this is a method that I would really want to learn from the master.  Right now, I jig about 25 percent of the time, and I’d like to become better at it.”

Byron Peterson, Blair, NE.  “I would enjoy a day on the water with Brad Davis.  I have observed his actions on and off the water for many years.  He’s always courteous, has a positive attitude and most importantly to me, he never shows off his ego.  He’s also a great fisherman, and I would treasure that day.”

Jim Orcutt, Ely, MN.  “When I fished with Mike Gofron as an amateur many years ago on Lake Oahe, we caught our limit right away, and came back to the weigh-in.  I know he has a load of knowledge he could teach me, and a day in the boat would be a tremendous learning experience.  He is focused and I’d like to watch him go through an entire day as his plan unfolds.”

Charlie Moore, Grand Rapids, MN.  “Al Lindner is the reason I’m in this industry, and I’d like to spend a day in the boat to thank him for the confidence he had in me many years ago.  I was a 14-year old, long-haired, ear-ring-wearing teen, but he took a chance on me despite my outward appearance.  He got to know me.  I would like to tell him how he influenced my fishing life, my character and ethics, my Christian beliefs.  He was instrumental in me being where I am today, and if he could handle a day with me running the boat, I would be very appreciative of that opportunity.”

Doc Johnson, Denver, CO.  “I would like to educate our new president about the fisheries and what an ordinary angler like me learns by being on the water.  After teaching for decades, I would share my opinion that what’s learned from being in the outdoors differs from what’s taught in the classroom.  I would urge him to get young people (even his daughters) outdoors so they could understand the environmental concepts of water quality,  conservation, boating and fishing.  I would talk about how the federal excise taxes paid by the tackle industry supports much of the work being done by state fisheries departments.  And, I would tell him that my idea of a stimulus program is to get more people fishing.  Once they do it, they will want to do it more, and that means travel, lodging, equipment purchases, licenses and more.”

Jon Thelen, Crystal, MN.  “I’d really like to fish with Tommy Skarlis on a river, especially when the current is low and it’s tough for most of us to find a fish.  He has a knack for catching fish in rivers, no matter what the conditions, and he always brings in the biggest walleyes.  I would like to see his nuances and learn his little tricks.” 

Tim “TJ” DeVoe, Stevens Point, WI.  “From when I was a little kid until I got to know the pros while working for the PWT, Mike Gofron has been the most approachable pro on tour.  I would like to know how he does what he does to always be on fish.  He thinks outside the box, and when combined with his great ability to find fish in different locations than just about anybody else, I would enjoy that day immensely.  I know he has a wealth of finely tuned tactics; I just want to know a few.”

Chuck Bokinske, Alexandria, MN.  Being in the boat with Gary Roach would bring everything full circle.  We fished the early MWC events, often right next to each other.  He taught me that there’s more to fishing than catching fish.  He stressed sharing information about how and where to fish and teaching people.  I think our day on the water would prove that whether catching or not, it’s still fishing, and being with him doing what he loves would be a treat.  Many years ago told me not to waste time when the electronics were barren.  That’s advice I’ve heeded.”

Tommy Skarlis, Waukon, IA.  “Anytime I can learn certain techniques, especially ones where I think I’m decent, but not a master, I want to take advantage of that experience.  Rigging and bobber-fishing are not my strong suits, but they are for Mille Lacs legend Jon Thelen.  He does a ton of it.  He’s also quite an educator, and over the past several years, he’s explained some of his methods so even I can understand them.  Now, I’d like to watch him work.”

Tony Puccio, Verona, WI.  “I’ve fished with many of the top pros, guides and great walleye fishermen over the years.  But, only once long, long ago did I fish with Daryl Christensen.  I would like to spend a day in his boat trying to perfect my jigging techniques.  We’ve spent a number of tournament days near each other, and at Sault Ste. Marie a few years ago; we were both fishing the shipping channel.  I could see him, and knew exactly which Slo Poke jig style and color he was using.  We were in the same depth.  He landed about a dozen walleyes, while I caught three.  I attribute it to his skills, and I want some of them to rub off on me.”

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